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    bafang mid drive died in service

    You can have problems if the standard wheel sensor disconnects or otherwise doesn't want to work. If that happens, you will get an error. Assist will still be available but it will be what it was before the failure. No assist at the time = no assist after failure - until you fix it.
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    anyone got 12 wheels and a friend ?

    I thought it must have been the next moon/planet rover.
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    bring back to life=my "T-bucket of bolts"

    So, is it variable fluid drive as well?
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    The good, the bad and the ugly.

    A great story. One doesn't know what exists until one discovers it. One can start out with the aim of using the best for components that matter. Me, I've always gone the "any donor will do" route as a means of "proof of concept" with the intention of replacing it later if necessary. It would be...
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    bring back to life=my "T-bucket of bolts"

    Any pictures of current build to post?
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    Revamping one of my deltas

    Hugh: Thanks for providing me with an idea. A top like that may very well end up as a substitute for a planned body that, with the current speed of things, may be really too long in materialising. Simple, cheap, light, easily removed, and effective.
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    Trike wheels

    I haven't done both, although I have often thought about single-lever-front braking but ... If you wish to park a tadpole just anywhere, a caliper brake on the rear wheel makes a great, essential-in-my book, parking brake and I use a conveniently place friction lever to apply it. I find that...
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    Need parts list for Warrior build

    Remy: If you are prepared to get rid of them if not suitable, an appropriate wanted sign at the front fence might get you what you want. A first build might be best from cast-offs so that a potential "lost interest" is less expensive.
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    My life with Python trikes Mk1 , Mk1.5 , Mk2 ?

    So that's not what is meant when they talk about riding a "bent". Bummer.
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    VK3CKC's eLecTricks Trike Design and Build.

    Following on from my July 1st, 2020 post: You might recall that I had no access to a workshop and had started making a mid-drive using a bottom bracket to have an output sprocket at each end and a cassette on the right end to take chain drive from the pedals. It had to be possible to...
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    Steel Furniture: My first Piece!

    I have always thought that tidying the shack is a complete waste of time. Things end up in places that you are not used to (read: can't find anymore) and assuming that you have reached the pinnacle of tidiness, you can no longer do anything in there as it immediately starts to head south again...
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    Steel Furniture: My first Piece!

    But where is all the equipment?
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    What do you do with your first build?

    My first (really ugly suck-it-and-see) fell apart within the first three days as I was having too much fun to remember that the front end was only tacked together. The next build that I actually finished was the Warrior. After suffering the bumps on unsealed roads, its back end was replaced with...
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    Interesting disc brake product

    A friend of mine has a Greenspeed-based tadpole with cable operated hydraulic disc brakes and they are tremendously affective, far more so than my cable-only disc brakes to the point where you think mine are faulty. Definitely recommended if you can find and afford them. If you are old enough...
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    Low power pack

    Interesting product but limited to 8.4V max. I guess it is OK for its design purpose. Could easily roll your own with bits and pieces and provide for whatever you want. If you can't do it yourself, there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube.