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    Adjustable swb

    Once you clean/tidy it up, don't go in again as it will be heading towards where it was before you cleaned it up.
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    AZ Inspired Trike Build (The Tri-Meridian) is Complete!

    Great to have something working, isn't it? I actually went for two short rides today. Funny how the working of things change from one ride to another. The front chain came off the mid-drive twice under assist load despite working fine for many months previously. The derail pulley was moving too...
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    Ed's 'StreetRunner' Quad Build

    Looks great! I can't help feeling that the steering wheel is on the wrong side though. Will you paint the top or cover in vinyl? Would look good in black.
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    Ed, what happens?

    Looks great Ed! Will you paint the roof? Would look good covered in vinyl.
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    Drypod 2

    Great progress. So far it looks quite workable.
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    Drypod 2

    Previous failure? You're being too hard on yourself Popshot. You have successfully proved that your previous design was not going to work. It's just part of the design process. Looks like you have an interesting concept. Something I considered at some time for "contouring"...
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    AZ Inspired Trike Build (The Tri-Meridian) is Complete!

    In non-wet, off-road riding, my tadpole is fine with only the occasional bit of sand flicking up. However, in the wet there is a muddy slurry continually firing onto my hands and I can't do anything about it. Steer off the straight and it then throws up onto my body - and anywhere else where the...
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    AZ Inspired Trike Build (The Tri-Meridian) is Complete!

    Good ride. Good show-and-tell video. Congrats. Makes me anxious to get back in and finish mine. Each passing day brings me one day closer to it. I wish I knew what day that is.
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    AZ Inspired Trike Build (The Tri-Meridian) is Complete!

    One is reminded of mudguards (fenders in some parts of the world) when one rides on wet surfaces. However, it is only a problem on wet surfaces. I would test it.
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    Quad Inspiration?

    If you are looking for inspiration for a quad project, you could do worse than PodBike: There are plenty of videos to stimulate your thinking. There is also an interesting interview on Laidback Bike Report: There seems to be a habit these days to refer...
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    Rear suspension on delta trike

    I'm looking forward to viewing build progress.
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    AZ Inspired Trike Build (The Tri-Meridian) is Complete!

    Just part of the development process. Makes me think about what I am planning to do after a few more days of back rest. At least my right calf has settled down and I am walking properly again but my back is still ruling the roost.
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    Going gor my second build.

    Great CAD drawings Emiel. A V brake makes a good park brake for that rear wheel - and the mounts are already in place. A cable and an old friction lever and you are there.
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    Small question

    In theory, a chain will only come off due to chain bounce, a too shallow groove, or misalignment that can occur with different gear selection. Fitting the pulleys so that they can slide sideways will provide automatic alignment adjustment, a deeper groove is obvious, and the keeper in the image...
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    Tube bending

    The "anglegrind the inner curve away" process is called kerfing. One cut allows for a slight bend, two cuts, a little more, etc. The closer the cuts, the smoother the curve. I make sure to clamp a side face of the square tube on a flat surface so that the tube remains properly aligned as it is...