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  1. DannyC

    I like the looks of this e-Quad from Utah Trikes.

    Saw this and thought...."Wow!"
  2. DannyC

    Happy New Year

    Wishing all AZ folks a very Happy New Year. See you on the other side in 2020.
  3. DannyC

    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas

    I would like to say "Merry Christmas" to all of the AZ family. I hope you all have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas break with your nearest and dearest kith and kin. Best wishes to you all, and Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  4. DannyC

    Lovely Velo's here.

    Have a gander at this. Lovely Velo's.
  5. DannyC

    Donate button and Contact "anti-Spam" generator all broken.

    Brad, Kat, There's some broken stuff in the web donate and contact pages. Thought you should know.
  6. DannyC

    What about a "Jokes" thread? - I will start.

    Why not have a jokes thread? Let's try and keep it clean, non-racist and not too prurient because we have ladies and other folk of a gentle disposition here on AZ. I will start with a medical/Cycling related joke that's not at all vulgar (IMHO)...
  7. DannyC

    The Marengo "Loki" Thread.

    As many of you will remember, we lost Sandman (John Price) in April. Part of his legacy that I inherited consisted of his two folding trikes. "Nicor" his own personal touring machine with full e-assist; and "Loki" the other folding frame that was unfinished in many respects. This thread is to...
  8. DannyC

    I think he would fit in here quite well

    I saw this and thought back to all the basic mistakes we have all made.
  9. DannyC

    The Search for Shangri-La, Nirvana aka "The Perfect Python Pivot" aka the PPP

    Dear friends, As you know, one of our steamed esteemed members has been suffering for many thousands of miles (approaching 6,000 now?) with a weird liking for delta trikes of the genus "Pythonidae ". We have tried counselling, group-therapy and "interventions", we even hired an expert in...
  10. DannyC

    Finishing what John (Sandman) started.

    Hi Folks, I am trying to finish what John began with his second folding frame. His first one (NICOR) is alive and well and providing me with lots of fun. This one, he had named "LOKI" and while I have now located the Bafang 8-Fun and batteries that John had intended to place on this one; for...
  11. DannyC

    Lovely ride in the Sunshine for me today after Gym this morning.

    I know we are in for some torrential rain later this week and I have Grand-Dad Daycare duties to accommodate too; so I opted to take a ride in the sunshine around the Island as usual. Sun was shining and the tide was in and high. Lovely! If you would like to see some of it then you can skip...
  12. DannyC

    Frame only sale.

    With the demise of our dear friend John Price (Sandman) and the cancellation of my trip with him to Holland this month I find myself drawn towards making a new frame that takes away all the little niggling things I don't like about this one (there are not too many, but I was always going to...
  13. DannyC

    It is with the greatest sadness.....

    Dear friends, It is with the greatest sadness and a very heavy heart that I must tell you today of the passing of our own friend, mentor and builder-Extraordinaire - John Price aka "Sandman" . I spoke with John only last Thursday evening and I was concerned not to hear from him again for 3...
  14. DannyC

    Bending made easy

    In December 2017 I bought myself an Xmas Present. It was a tube bender with a variety of Formers and rollers that seemed ideal for use in making Bike-bits (seat-frames, rear triangles etc.). However, as with many of these single sided benders advertised for use in a Garage environment and...
  15. DannyC

    Making a custom trike rack.

    I can actually fit my non-folding Tadpole trike directly inside my SUV; but, getting it up in there is a real struggle for someone that is on their own and putting a wet, greasy trike into the vehicle and messing up the leather interior isn't my idea of a good time. Not only that, a loose trike...
  16. DannyC

    Cable Ends that won't unravel.

    Not my discovery, a good friend told me about this. To get a perfect non-unraveling cable end (brake or gear cable) leave it over-length by a few inches. Put the end of the cable into a battery powered drill chuck with the drill set in the direction that winds the cable strands tighter (not...
  17. DannyC

    Danny's Daily Delta

    Please excuse this placeholder, I am just testing things on the new forum. The delta is alive and well, but on the back burner while I address some other issues and get ready for Holland 2019. I made a non-tilting rear section as well as the tilting one and the two are interchangeable. The...