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  1. Radical Brad

    Ain't worth the risk....

    Some may feel confident enough to dodge the bullet, but remember.... it will find someone you know and kill them instead. I am working in what is considered "front lines" right now, and fear this beast. I think fear is the appropriate response right now. Feel free to pass it around, I made this...
  2. Radical Brad

    Bored Last Summer.

    I still use this thing for various product shots! Brad
  3. Radical Brad

    My Internet is Not Reliable - Registrations May Take Longer.

    As some of you know, we live way out in the Northern Ontario Bush and have only a small dish pointing at the sky as our only line of communications with the outside World. I do not own a phone, and streaming internet videos is just a dream! Anyhow, it is what it is, and it has been reliable for...
  4. Radical Brad

    I miss this bike. Might have been my all time favorite!

    I rode this on the streets almost like a daily commuter for months. A good bike to have now that flights are grounded! Brad
  5. Radical Brad

    Working From Home?

    I started working mostly from home this week, but being someone that has to keep computer infrastructure operational, I do have to venture out in the field, but mostly to empty offices and clinics. How are you dealing with cabin fever? Anyone spending their time working on DIY projects? We are...
  6. Radical Brad

    Sometimes you just need 4000 volts!

    Part of my day today included cobbling together a crude fan cooled 4000 volt center tapped power supply. Rather than spending $3000, I went to Wallmart and purchased 2 new ovens for $75.00 a piece. There is a high probability that I might have voided the warranty! Fresh out of the box and...
  7. Radical Brad

    How many Homesteaders / Farmers / Self Sustainers here??

    Just curious since this year the most popular plans is this one... An in the other top 5 along with Warrior is this one... I knew the Farm DIY would be...
  8. Radical Brad

    New (old) Tutotial Online - SnowBus Winter Tandem Trike.

    Wrote this one almost 20 years ago, but still a fun project!... Cheers! Brad
  9. Radical Brad

    New Year's Greetings to all!

    From The Great White North, we wish you all a Happy New Year! May your creative energy run wild in 2020! Brad
  10. Radical Brad

    Halloween DIY thread - Post your creative holiday works!

    I am on a huge budget this year, so I downsized a bit... Not easy to find a knife that small! A tiny coin cell LED brings the eerie glow. Mini Gourd says... Boo! Brad
  11. Radical Brad

    Built me a RoboLaundry Line!

    I know... why??! The usual answer... why not!!? I try to take Sundays off, and I had a nice sunny day recently, so this was a fun and practical project. Having 15 steps up to the front door means no more traversing with the basket, and no more bending since everything is placed within standing...
  12. Radical Brad

    Behold my Time Distortion Device!

    Ok, that title might have been reaching into the "click bait" zone, but only a little. Something I am picking away at on the odd weekend rainy days. Check it out on my Blog Page... Cheers, Brad
  13. Radical Brad

    Hosting upgraded yesterday.

    I upgraded to the next level last night, and everything seems to be ok this morning. The server now has twice the ram and drive space, so these weekly dropouts should stop. Thanks to this great community for hangin' on through the blips and for your support. There are some new things coming...
  14. Radical Brad

    AZTV : Working in The Field - Part Two

    From the 2012 archives! When I was building The Spirit SWB, I was living in a camper and welding outdoors! Uploaded the video here today... Will get part Three online soon as well. Brad
  15. Radical Brad

    AZ makes Hackaday again!

    Always cool when one of my projects makes it here... Hackaday is a huge source of inspiration. I recommend following the blog, it has projects of all kinds from around the world. Brad
  16. Radical Brad

    The "Transcender"... comments welcome!

    I found this in my stash of 50+ notepads. This screw drive amphibian would traverse land, water, snow, swamp, and all hostile terrain. Great for a trip down the creek, over the beaver dam, up the hill, through the grass, and back home. Also great for driving through the wilderness in deep soft...
  17. Radical Brad

    AZTV is going back on the air with complete LWB Bike Build Video!

    Due to many request, I have decided to start making more videos. To relaunch "AZTV", I will be doing a complete LWB recumbent build from beginning to end. The video will cover everything; sourcing, welding, grinding, design, painting, and lots of other tips and tricks. I am going to build the...
  18. Radical Brad

    This is where I work!

    Found some old videos I did of where I work, and what tools I use. Thought it would be fun to render them in HD and repost. I still have the same working conditions, but the old shack has caved in. I post my "working in The Field" series here to show that you can do all of this with minimal...
  19. Radical Brad

    Found an old Video from 2012 - Working in The Field.

    My old welding shack was in much better shape back then! Brad
  20. Radical Brad

    Getting back to regular NewsLetters!

    You can subscribe at the bottom of the forum page. Thanks, Brad