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    You can't beat a good rack - in my opinion !

    Hi all So following on from If you are short of space I need to find space for two trikes in a shed that is very full. So the idea is to mount a tube on the upper cross beam just underneath the large cream castor , about nipple height. Then make up a frame that hinges on the tube , however...
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    This might be the answer if you are short of space ?

    Hi all Someone has created a velomobile rack that moves and allows another one to be stored on the top ? Handy for trikes of course. Velomobile rack regards Paul
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    This is interesting , technically , and frightening !

    Hi all This quad looks good Kitenteddy`s Quad Trailer Tandem Green Mamba However I am not sure as an adult I would be happy traveling many miles in the pedal/electric trailer ? Paul
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    3 D recumbent designer ? anyone ?

    Hi all This may appeal to someone ? Recumbent CAD package ? Not my thing , however someone may be able to drive it ? Latest upload :- regards Paul
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    What do you call a bicycle with 1 wheel and 4 legs ?

    Hi all A development of the Strandbeest ? Strandbeest regards Paul
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    Anyone own one of these ?

    Hi there Thinking of buying one of these :- Grinder stand I have seen some criticism of them from people who only have 1 grinder and it needs some setting up each time when grinder fitted - not bothered would leave 1 in full time. Clamping of work is poor & guide fence flimsy , but they...
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    Tilting suspension Flevotrike ? - Can this really do what it says on the tin ?

    Hi all Can this really work , surely the pivot links to the cross beam can't also be the suspension medium ? Can it really be that simple ? What initiates tilting ? regards Paul
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    Bet someone wishes this video was not on the net ?

    Hi all A Mango getting outside it's envelope ? regards Paul
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    This is interesting tilting delta ?

    Hi all This looks interesting :- Longabike Can't figure out how suspension works though ? only 1 shocker. regards Paul
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    Changing gear whilst stationary with derailleurs ?

    Hi all This looks like a neat and useful idea for a recumbent trike where with an extra derailleur and pedalling backwards you can change up or down the front rings ? Even more impressive is they change between 60t and 11t ! On the Python it would not work because the chain runs are at very...
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    Making a sliding boom Python ? how ?

    Hi all I really want to get away from having an adjustable seat on the python trikes I ride. Making the pedals move would be very difficult and heavy especial as there is so little space at the front with 20" wheels and my current design. Then whilst fighting the ' tilting seat brackets ' it...
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    Flat pack Velomobile ?

    Hi all Someone is developing a flat pack velomobile ? Facebook page and cut & assembled ? Looks good so far , he is aiming for a nice simple body shape... not being snobby but I only consider it a faired trike , to be a velomobile it really needs suspension.
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    Interesting Finnish cycling forum

    Hi all Spent a pleasant evening scanning through these Finnish cycling projects. Finnish cycle projects sorry wrong link amended Google translate of this forum :- Original source Some very good stuff.
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    So a funny thing happened on the way to the welding bench ...?

    Hi all I was welding the rear of the Python trike after chopping the rear end down and instead of using a offcut of work top on the workmate as a bench I needed the holes in the workmate to allow me to clamp the frame , so it was clamped to the painted metal frame of the workmate. I set about...
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    Found Delta Velomobile ?

    Hi all Someone in Canada is making this :- Velomtek Nice shape and useful boot , however suspect limited turning radius and suspension only on the front [ where least required IMHO ] Still different and eye catching...
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    any ideas how this suspension works ?

    Hi all Can't see how this works at all ? can see 2 shockers and what may be a panard rod ? other than that I am baffled ? It is very narrow , look at his arms and the width of the front wheels ! whole thing here
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    Kinneri was a hit in the summer of 1949

    Hi all Question is what was it ? Kinneri ? Two video's of what the Swedes go up to in 1949 ? Amphibian and racing... One would assume before they discovered sex ?
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    This was nearly fatal ?

    Hi all Velomobile crash in USA caused by a rumble strip ? from the cockpit :- More here :- The crash is at 3:00 rest is analysis eye witness accounts etc Lucky guy me thinks ...
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    4 wheel pod quad on BMX track

    Hi all I kid ye not :- Not for the fainted hearted , he seems to have supreme confidence in it ? Paul
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    Body on a Warrior frame ?

    Hi all Anyone else seen this ? A coroplast body on a Warrior frame. The front is exactly what I want to build to mount on the Python for this winter .... Nice job