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  1. SirJoey

    lwb merdian

    I built it, & loved it! Comfy, good seat height, & good handling characteristics. Sure wish I still had it, but sadly, I was forced to sell it. ***
  2. SirJoey

    Danny's Daily Delta

    The unavoidable recumbent smile says it all! :) ***
  3. SirJoey

    My life with Python trikes Mk1 , Mk1.5 , Mk2 ?

    Sssshhhh..... no need to tell everything you know.... ;) ***
  4. SirJoey

    My life with Python trikes Mk1 , Mk1.5 , Mk2 ?

    Clever, ingenious work, Paul. always. :) ***
  5. SirJoey

    Sometimes you just need 4000 volts!

    Yep, pretty much what I had in mind, Popshot! :LOL: ***
  6. SirJoey

    Ed's 'StreetRunner' Quad Build

    Complicated wiring... not my idea of a fun day at the park.... :unsure: But then, I'm not an "electrical guy" at all. ***
  7. SirJoey

    Sometimes you just need 4000 volts!

    I'm thinking a change in your moniker would be in order. Instead of "Rad Brad", perhaps "MAD Brad" would be more appropriate... ***
  8. SirJoey

    Tilting suspension Flevotrike ? - Can this really do what it says on the tin ?

    Looks amazing! Probably a lotta fun to ride, but would take some getting used to, I would think. :unsure: ***
  9. SirJoey

    Ed's 'StreetRunner' Quad Build

    Been awhile since I checked in, so a lotta catchin' up to do on this thread, but WOW, amazing progress, Ed! This thing's gonna be the HPV of a lifetime! 😁 ***
  10. SirJoey

    aurora delta

    Ditto what Brad said! (y) ***
  11. SirJoey

    Mecnun's new trike project from scrap

    Looks comfy! Love the color! (y) ***
  12. SirJoey

    Road/Ride Safety

    It would be interesting to see how many of us have been struck by cars while riding our HPVs. Personally, I've been hit TWICE in my life. The first time, I was knocked off my bike, but uninjured. Second time was more of a low-speed side swipe while riding my first bent. Again, luckily, I was...
  13. SirJoey

    How-to build a Tandem Bike to a Single Rider Conversion?

    Welcome aboard! Just curious... why would you wanna convert a tandem to a single rider bike, when regular bikes are pretty much a dime a dozen, so to speak? Or do you still wanna retain the option of 2 riders also? Not sure I understand what you're going for here... ***
  14. SirJoey

    Ed's 'StreetRunner' Quad Build

    Absolutely ASTONISHING!!! ***
  15. SirJoey

    My life with Python trikes Mk1 , Mk1.5 , Mk2 ?

    And I thought I had the market cornered on those tricks! :LOL: Seriously though, all that talent & humility too? A rare combination, indeed! Keep up the good work, old friend! :) ***
  16. SirJoey

    Ed's 'StreetRunner' Quad Build

    What I wanna know is, when this thing is finally finished, what are you gonna do for an "encore"? :unsure: Wait, I know... build a "REAL" one! :D ***
  17. SirJoey

    My life with Python trikes Mk1 , Mk1.5 , Mk2 ?

    This is really coming along nicely, Paul! Did you already have previous woodworking experience & skills, or are you now in uncharted territory, so to speak? Either way, nice work! (y) ***
  18. SirJoey

    Ed's 'StreetRunner' Quad Build

    Wow, seeing you sitting in it really puts into perspective how big this thing really is! I need to save up some money so I can make a trip to CA, just to SEE this thing when it's done! ;) ***
  19. SirJoey

    My life with Python trikes Mk1 , Mk1.5 , Mk2 ?

    Just brilliant, if you ask me! (y) I see great success with this project as time goes by, Paul! :) ***
  20. SirJoey

    Mambo"esque" trike

    I agree! I didn't know they even made 'em that big! Those things could stop a runaway train! :LOL: Great work! ***