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  1. maddox

    Project X , emma's folding e-trike

    Looks like a steel version of the Azub pivot.
  2. maddox

    steering control rod issue and frame folding

    I'm planning to carry mine , if needs be, on a roof rack. On the other hand, I'm a big guy and the 40 lbs are not a big deal to lift. Yet. On the other hand, Belgium is small , and I intend to ride the bike, not moving it by car to bike 20 km from home.
  3. maddox

    Creating Your Own Wheel Hubs

    As I have written earlier, I'm not fit to be here, I'm too pampered with tools. But , for front hubs, what would be the specs? Maybe I can cook up a batch.
  4. maddox

    Free coroplast velomobile plans ?

    I had a bit of luck, and a cheap pop up tent (those throw in the air things) broke. We opened it up, and it was just the small metal connection tube where the ends of a 6 meter long 6mm diameter solid carbon bar meet that was broken. Now I have more than enough structural material and...
  5. maddox

    Beautiful wooden velomobile , yet really simple shape with no compound curves ?

    Damn, that is a great idea. Atelier Vilvoorde, the place where I volunteer, is specialised in woodworking....
  6. maddox

    Working my way back to fitness.

    I'm intending on using my trike for 2*15miles home-work travel. And yes, avoid statins and heart problems in the same time. So yes, Danny, you're a fine role model for me. All hail to the King, baby.
  7. maddox

    what jobs are we getting done due to lockdown - no necessarily bike related

    Can be done, I have made a few of those stainless steel burners. Should build one with handgrips and a liquid fuel feeder to enhance the effect.
  8. maddox

    what jobs are we getting done due to lockdown - no necessarily bike related

    One of the things I do in my spare time is helping in a local maker space. Atelier Vilvoorde. Things done in the last time over there. Rewelding the steel legs for a very beautifull walnut table*. (the original welding was a bit "iffy) Making juwelers anvils to be mounted in dedicated...
  9. maddox

    Tadpole cargo trike based on Warrior

    I have had a set of Fat tyres/wheels in my hands, I couldn't believe the lightweight of those.
  10. maddox

    Easiest electrical conversion

    I'm contemplating to change the thin bicycle gears with larger industrial gears and chain, if I can make'm work with the ratchet on the Alfine 11 hun I have.
  11. maddox

    Cerberus - Robot Protector of The Realm!

    Placing repeaters all over ain't an option. But i'll ask somebody who's more into the FPV stuff about ranges.
  12. maddox

    Cerberus - Robot Protector of The Realm!

    FPV, First Person View. It's a parallel setup to the RC TX/RX, using 2.4 or 5GHz to transmit stereo video to 3D viewing systems. A lot of Drone and long distance flyers use this technology. Some mount the stereo camera on a gimbal, and use 2 channels and some clever interfacing to have the...
  13. maddox

    Cerberus - Robot Protector of The Realm!

    Modern RC tx/rx is 2.4 GHz, and a brandnew 6 channel set can be yours for about €60. I don 't know a lot of FPV stuff, but that could solve the video part of this project.
  14. maddox

    Changing gear whilst stationary with derailleurs ?

    Got a 26" wheel with an Alfine 11 waiting. Now to reinvent the Schlumpf to fit on a Bafang mid motor.
  15. maddox

    Mounting batteries

    I see options coming up. But still wrestling with the overall concept.
  16. maddox

    110v welder

    TIG ain't that expensive anymore. The days that you had to dish out the cash for a light motorbike to buy a TIG welder are long gone. The one I use costs 63 Big Macs.
  17. maddox

    Lightweight simple adjustable wheelchair design.

    I do have some experience welding titanium, and it's actualy a very nice metal to weld, once you learn about the foibles. Main thing is to keep it in an atmosphere with no reactive elements. In other words, use gallons of argon, or weld in a glovebox, and make sure of the absense of reactive...