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    Calculator for trail and wheel flop ?

    Hi all Came across this :- Trail calculator It has a value for wheel flop , without telling you what is considered acceptable ? puzzled Paul
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    Does anyone remember a CAD drawing done of a single sprocket driving 2 free wheels ? old forum ?

    Hi all Off old forum :- Does anyone remember a CAD drawing done of a single sprocket driving 2 free wheels ? The sprocket was sandwiched between 2 free wheels and bolted together with 6mm ? bolts through the free wheel teeth ? Was it for a pseudo 2 wheel drive for a delta ? or something else...
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    Free used 20" wheels with 14mm axles - just pay postage - UK only I am afraid.

    Hi there I have a selection of BMX style wheels with 14mm axles. IIRC there are 3 pairs and maybe a loner , I may be able to find a eighth should there be a demand. If there is some demand I would like to spread the love ? The downside ? no mountings for disc brakes. Being BMX the rims are...
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    Recumbent cheap - UK Ebay ?

    Hi all Well this is cheap ? MBB recumbent I am really lost for words ...
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    Nice foam velomobile , great shape ?

    Hi all Red foam velomobile
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    It must be nice to take your cycling proficiency test indoors out of the rain ?

    It must be nice to take your cycling proficiency test indoors out of the rain ?
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    Free coroplast velomobile plans ?

    Hi there Anyone a member of Facebook and could request these free Coroplast velomobile plans ? Ying and Yang velomobile regards Paul
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    Beautiful wooden velomobile , yet really simple shape with no compound curves ?

    Hi all Build pictures of a beautiful wooden velomobile ? Virketis retrovelo Elecctric assist tadpole trike based. regards Paul
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    Nice mono tube FWD bike , very detailed build

    Hi all have we seen this before ? LOSNA bikes a very unusual asymmetric bike ? regards Paul
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    20x20 midracer twisting chain FWD a ZOX S-frame clone'ish ?

    Hi all So despite my protestations in this thread :- the sap is rising ... A new bike has been started ! A loose copy of this :- A ZOX S-frame 20" x 20" This is a wooden mockup to see if all the bits fit and I can reach the pedals.... The seat will be higher and it will have a single...
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    A ringing endorsement for aluminium forks NOT !!!

    Hi all Found on BROL :- Torkjunky Bad thing happened Was riding yesterday and hit the edged of the payment while turning around which was a little bigger bump than I realized and broke my fork off. Good thing I was going slow. Turning a front aluminum fork into a drive wheel fork may not...
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    Interesting foam body ? suit streamliner or velomobile

    Hi all Some good stuff here on a simple foam body , light and easily formed/finished without specialist tools/techniques Foam bodies more stuff more ... regards Paul
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    Ok sap is rising and it's time to start a new build ??? Noooo....

    Hi all Ok sap is rising and it's time to start a new build ??? Well no , being realistic I have 2 incomplete builds AND no where to store a new one. So the answer is ? Finish the other two , get rid if I don't like/want/need them , then I will have the space ? So No 1 FWD and iLean rear...
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    Best commute ever ?

    Hi all marvelous ! Paul
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    Improving my rubbish Spoke Tension meter ?

    Hi all I am considering how to improve my rubbish Spoke Tension meter :- It had no bad reviews and was half the price of the Park Tools one what could go wrong ? So all these meters come with a conversion table for different spoke types [ mine is currently MIA and I can't find one on the...
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    How do I weld to 14mm bolts together ?

    Hi all I need about 7" of 14mm bar. I have some 14mm bolts and I want to weld two of the unthreaded portions together to get the length I need. This will be cantilevered from an upright , however the load will be less than 40kg and only occasionally. I need to TIG them , I wondered if there...
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    Golden rules of tidying ?

    Hi all Doing some much needed lockdown tidying ? I have 3 golden rules:- start with cupboards and shelves to try and free up space move much used stuff to easily accessed places ALWAYS end up with some free space [ say about a 1/5th ] so the next new acquisition has somewhere to go and not...
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    Excellent write up of a Python cargo trike build

    Hi all A well documented build of a Python cargo trike , and a honest appraisal of it's usage and handling ? Python Ricxhaw regards Paul
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    You are not trying you fat trike builders ?

    Hi all Well these people seem to have set the bar rather high ! UT Fat trike 28.5" seat height ! Looks a big narrow at the back ?
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    Nice neat rike MBB

    Hi all This is a neat and well though out trike MBB very short :- It is even possible my inseam challenged soft southern jessie could ride this ? .. and then he does a tilting tadpole .... what a hero !!!