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  1. Popshot

    Drypod 2

    If anyone was wondering about the progress on the Drypod - there isn't any. I was unhappy at the flimsy nature of the body and any measures to correct it were not likely to leave me with anything I'd be happy with. After much pondering and procrastination I have determined a new direction for an...
  2. Popshot

    Ebay bike near Bradford, UK Nothing to do with me. Just making members aware.
  3. Popshot

    4-bar link tilt steer delta

    After weighing up the merits and pitfalls of the head tube option Paul mentioned the Mosquito with it's 4 bar rear. Here I've modified it to get the riders weight more within the wide part of the area covered by joining the three contact patches of the tyres. I've also used a narrower top bar...
  4. Popshot

    Tilt Steer Delta

    I've been thinking along these lines lately:- Take a 20" wheeled donor with rear suspension like this one: where the rear top stays are pivoted at the wheel end and the suspension linkage passes around the seat post rather than being attached to it. Then build this:- 3x20" wheels. The...
  5. Popshot

    Before and after

    Nothing homemade. Just a std bike. A Foffa Premium 8 with Alfine hub. I had the frame blasted and powder coated. Changed the mechanical callipers for hydraulic with 4 pot on the front and 2 pot rear. New stem, seat, pedals and grips plus a new front cog with 4 teeth less. The original...
  6. Popshot

    Shabby seems to be in these days The handlebars are somewhat odd having one fixed and one steering!
  7. Popshot

    Wooden velo on UK ebay Nothing to do with me but currently cheaper than you could probably build it for. For the more vertically challenged though.
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    Why does a parts sell off equal a larger pile of parts?

    Given the price of bikes at the moment with everyone and their dog wanting a bike I've been cobbling some of my unwanted parts together and making up complete bikes to sell off for a bit of extra £££. I managed to get three complete bikes together and sold two in the great sale only to then buy...
  9. Popshot

    The M.O.A.T.

    The Mother Of All Trailers. Ok, a bit of over-use of the superlative there and can't hold a candle to some on the Indian sub-continent where they stack bulk loads 15 feet high but possibly about as big as anyone in the UK is ever going to need - I present to you a 300L trailer:- A £40...
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    Recumbent project on ebay

    In Sheffield UK. Nothing to do with me. It's currently very cheap. Certain bits of it look somewhat dodgy. Some parts may be useful for other projects.
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    Dropped handlebars - why?

    Collecting some decorating materials today I passed a number of cyclists almost all riding racing bikes with dropped handlebars. Without exception they all had their hands on the top part of the bars with the subsequent poor leverage on the brake levers. Given the majority also had rim brakes...
  12. Popshot

    Some ready made tadpole front wheels or delta rears Rim brakes only and 1/2" thru hub should just about do. I've nothing to do with the seller but found them and thought someone here may want them
  13. Popshot

    1938 Le Super Triporteur Cyclauto

    I came across this which got me thinking along these lines:- Key Yellow = steering tube Red = sprocket Blue dotted = chain Make it all much lighter and a decent seat. Get the gears in the proper positions on the handlebars rather than as suicide shifters and you can add any rear end of your...
  14. Popshot

    Project Drypod

    This thread will document my efforts to make a covered trike. The design brief is:- Practicality - it has to be easy to get in and out of, carry some shopping, be at least as comfortable as the average vehicle like this can be and keep the bulk of the weather off. It do not expect it to be as...
  15. Popshot

    Solid Tyres

    Has anyone got any experience of them? I've been looking at the Tannus range. I've read a few reviews but wondered if anyone here had anything to add. It's not much fun getting a puncture let alone carrying the repair kit and pump and hoping it doesn't get nicked whilst you pop into the shop. My...
  16. Popshot

    Sodding mail

    I'm stuck on my trike for the want of the noodles on the brakes to cable everything up. I need 7 of them due to the congestion on the bars and the local shop was never an option as they are shut these days. They should have been here Thursday. Last week I got a small parcel that took 9 days 1st...
  17. Popshot

    ThermHex structural plastic sheet

    I found a scrap of this.... .... in a skip yesterday. It is a single substance honeycombed plastic which after some trawling I believe to be called ThermHex. It's very light and very strong. This particular piece is 280mm long, 120mm wide, 5mm thick and deflects only 3mm with a 2kg load on...
  18. Popshot

    48V battery from eplb-c020 ?

    My garage roof isn't worth the name and is now a high priority for a new one so I've been pondering rather than building in the wet these last few weeks. These batteries have these specs.... ......and are used in some leccy cars. Is there any reason I should or shouldn't make a 13s1p battery...
  19. Popshot

    Weight watchers - a tale of lard.

    Not my dieting but the next trike's. Two wheels at almost opposite ends of the lard spectrum but both nominally 20" wheels although you'd hardly believe that from their size difference. A pair of the fatties with 203mm rotors and 20mm axles cripples the scales at a hefty 9.24kg. A pair of the...
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    I came across this the other day whilst still pondering the Church Pod body on ebay mentioned in a post here. This seems like it could be easily adapted to a home build with no compound curves and a doddle to get in and out. I may even have a go at making something along these lines as my next...