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    Ed, what happens?

    Eds (Edspedalcars) last post about his StreetRunner dates from more than a month ago. Since august 12 no update has been made to his story. I noticed that he regularly passes by to view the forum. Dear Ed, I know there are terrific fires in California. I hope you and your family are ok and are...
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    Experimental Python from leftovers

    Hi everybody, I had some leftovers from my tadpole build and thought to give it another shot. I ordered m14 rod ends at my friends Aliexpress and assembled the python trike in the attached pictures. The front is made of the rear of two kids bikes. The rear wheels came from a second hand sale...
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    First attempt to build my own Streetfox

    Hello, This is my first attempt to build my own recumbent trike. Dreaming of a recumbent for years, I purchased a six pack many years ago. Now that I am retired I started the adventure. I bought a stick welder, 6 meters of square tube, and started to cut some scrap bikes into pieces. This...