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    Welding with water

    Saw this and thought about Brad and this If you lived in a country with 110V, could you weld with above setup straight from the main?
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    battery charge hack

    Grin technologies manufactures a fancy charger for lithium batteries called the Cycle satiator. It charges the battery twice as fast as other chargers. You can also sett the level of charge to expand the...
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    A rare sight

    Two Pythons at the same place, they are usually very solitary.
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    Project chopper

    For a long time now I have slowly started to build a chopper. This is the inspiration for the bike. My rear and bottom frame will be made from dual 5/8" x 1/16" tube and the fork and the rest of the fram is 1" tube. I'm a bit worried that the frame and fork will be flimsy, but I'm going for...
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    I'm going to buy spokes for my wheels this weekend, and using different spoke calculators and get slightly different result with the same input data. I have a 4mm diff to centre of hub to spoke flange on both rear and front hub, so the left and right sides spoke length are slightly different. I...