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  1. Radical Brad

    Others bikes throughout the world•DIY Freakshow

    Thanks for keeping this going! Much inspiration here. Brad
  2. Radical Brad

    Is the Deltawolf fast?

    DeltaWolf was the fastest of all trikes I have built so far. Tomahawk, the fastest 2 wheeler. Of course, an a athletic cyclist would kick my ass on a rusty kids bike no mater what I was riding, so the real answer might be... Any bike you ride will be as "fast" as your organic engine can make it...
  3. Radical Brad

    converting tadpole recumbent =lawnmower

    I like it! My choice would be a tadpole trike, but with a rear steer wheel and ratcheting dual wheel front drive. Small turning circle, and plenty of room for the front mounted deck. Brad
  4. Radical Brad

    One of my favorite builds.

    Window cleaner, Lamp lighter, and Arborist. Handling the chainsaw while steering was a bit dangerous though.
  5. Radical Brad

    One of my favorite builds.

    Posted this oldie to the AZ Facebook page yesterday. I miss this beast!
  6. Radical Brad

    hi im new here

    Great rides, thanks for the pics! I will have to send these out on the FB page tonight! Cheers, Brad
  7. Radical Brad

    Front wheels Street Fox

    Yes, rear wheels will be fine. Wheel building may be an option to save cost and increase the reward. Brad
  8. Radical Brad

    Happy new year

    Season's Greets from my Wolf Den!
  9. Radical Brad

    Oh No, what have I done?

    A friend with a lathe is a friend indeed!
  10. Radical Brad

    Merry Christmas

    Happy Holidays to this amazing community! Greetings from the Great White North. It snowed a bit over the last few days, so I am keeping busy as usual! Brad
  11. Radical Brad

    Power take off for Yard Mule

    Being electric, a PTO is actually much more flexible. By that I mean.... just add the motor to your external device and run a plug to the main battery bank. I was considering removing the gas engine from my splitter one day to make it more tolerable (less fumes, less noise). For charging, any...
  12. Radical Brad

    Diy book scanning

    Sounds like a good project for a Pi and a Pi.Cam. Are you looking at something that can flip pages on a bound hardcopy and then run an OCR? Brad
  13. Radical Brad

    what jobs are we getting done due to lockdown - no necessarily bike related

    Oh, there is plenty! Luckily for me, I only have to show off the things that work here! .... the great thing about a forum. But thanks! Brad
  14. Radical Brad

    what jobs are we getting done due to lockdown - no necessarily bike related

    Managed to frame out my new "Nerd Cave" this weekend. Put a woodstove in a 16 x 25 foot section of the basement not used and started building shelves. I am an absolute neat freak, so everything in totes, and on shelves... Thanks to the Yard Mule, collecting wood is so easy that we now heat...
  15. Radical Brad

    Buying bike motors etc on sale from china

    And in my neighbourhood, Lynac has some great LifePo packs. I have used these in several robotics projects. More expensive than Lithium, but no worry of carrying around a bomb...
  16. Radical Brad

    Drypod 2

    Great project, I just shared it on the AZ Facebook page. Cheers, Brad
  17. Radical Brad

    what jobs are we getting done due to lockdown - no necessarily bike related

    The first one is unlikely, and I am doing my best to avoid the second, so all is good! I do enjoy my work though, so that is true wealth in life. Yes, you would not want to put 4000 volts on your face, that's for sure... And the nitrogen flooded plasma chamber... For the other UV...
  18. Radical Brad

    what jobs are we getting done due to lockdown - no necessarily bike related

    Ironically the pandemic is my job lately! Probably not sure what you meant in the title of this thread but due to the pandemic I am overloaded with work. I repair medical equipment and provide I.T. services to several hospitals in the Ontario North. So I have been on the road a lot doing...
  19. Radical Brad

    Jon's Warrior Build

    Great to see this come together! Brad
  20. Radical Brad

    Getting started

    Greets! Some tutorials here as well... Brad