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  1. DannyC

    headset washers

    I saw this on the web.
  2. DannyC

    The Marengo "Loki" Thread.

    14th Sept. Today I reunited the halves of the frame and put the front wheels back on so that it is a rolling frame once more. :D I removed all of the framework that was intended to hold a captive hub-motor in the rear triangle for e-assist (as I shan’t be using this method at all) and also...
  3. DannyC

    Experimental Python from leftovers

    Yes, jumping unarmed onto a loaded Python is not for the faint-hearted. I spoke to "Pike" and he said he was going to tell "Uncle Arthur" about your bullying ;-) You KNOW it can turn really easily, BUT, your legs are fighting your arms on the bars trying to resist the turning motion of the...
  4. DannyC

    Ed's 'StreetRunner' Quad Build

    It looks really good Ed'. :D
  5. DannyC

    The Marengo "Loki" Thread.

    More..... Today 11th September I kept a minutes silence for all of the fallen in that terrible attack on the twin towers all those years ago. 😢 After a late-ish start (I slept badly, I feel awful and my throat is on fire) I spent a long and frustrating time welding the changer post to the...
  6. DannyC

    The Marengo "Loki" Thread.

    More…. Last week I cut some tube for a front-mech (derailleur) post. Nothing too fancy just a cut through a tube with a hole-saw to give me the notched fish-mouth to fit around the BB shell of the front boom. I put the hole-saw in the middle of the tube’s length so I get two mech-posts cut at...
  7. DannyC

    400 pound man needs trike

    Go you! Well done that man, that's a fantastic result, keep going. :D
  8. DannyC

    Ed's 'StreetRunner' Quad Build

    Showing here now. Weren't before.
  9. DannyC

    Ed's 'StreetRunner' Quad Build

    No pictures showing Ed' :-(
  10. DannyC

    So What's The Deal With Runners?

    They are very, very busy concentrating on the pain in their ankles & knees and counting the drips of sweat that are falling into each eye separately. They write this info down in a big greasy ledger daily. They have no time for pleasantries.
  11. DannyC

    Ed's 'StreetRunner' Quad Build

    I don't know about you Ed', but I am grateful every day that I am still here to dream my dreams and make some of them come true.
  12. DannyC

    Ed's 'StreetRunner' Quad Build

    Looking good there Ed' :D
  13. DannyC

    The Marengo "Loki" Thread.

    I know Emma. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy is it? ;-) I'm sure I shall be critiqued from above. If I can overcome the RHD+FOLD issues then all will be well, the frame design is well proven already. When I look at the demo's of the ICE-Trike's being folded it seems to me that they have the...
  14. DannyC

    The Marengo "Loki" Thread.

    As many of you will remember, we lost Sandman (John Price) in April. Part of his legacy that I inherited consisted of his two folding trikes. "Nicor" his own personal touring machine with full e-assist; and "Loki" the other folding frame that was unfinished in many respects. This thread is to...
  15. DannyC

    head tube weld distortion

    Spare "for welding" inserts, every time. ;)
  16. DannyC

    Hi from a newbie

    Hi Ian, 3mm is twice what you need (unless you weigh over 400 pounds ;)). Most folks use 40 x 40 or 38 x 38 at 1.6mm and that's plenty strong enough. 40 x 30 @ 1.2 should have been adequate IF oriented with the long side vertical. Did the tube bend or the joints rip-apart? If the latter...
  17. DannyC

    This is where I work!

    My grinder-disc based chop-saw has been very "Handy" I have to confess, and as long as you go slowly, the blades seems to last well. The 2 angle grinders (1 flap, one zip-disc loaded) a hand held drill and the Pillar-Drill are all the "powered" tools I have for metal-cutting/shaping. The...
  18. DannyC

    The "Transcender"... comments welcome!

    Now you're talking. A wall-hung or free-standing pull-up bar and LAT-DIP station plan would sell I think. But go look on Amazon or e-bay and they are pretty-cheap to buy anyway. Pull-Up station
  19. DannyC

    The "Transcender"... comments welcome!

    While I admire the creativity its a plan and a project that will soak up time resource etc. etc. and probably have a very, very limited appeal (I could be wrong, of course). Its a solution looking for a problem perhaps? I suspect the vast majority of AZ visitors are suburban folks for whom this...
  20. DannyC

    I think he would fit in here quite well

    Yes Brad, he's head & shoulders above the rest.