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  1. maddox

    Looking for help on ideas on wheel and hub sizes for a trike project

    Old school dirt bike front wheels sounds a way to do it.
  2. maddox

    Looking for help on ideas on wheel and hub sizes for a trike project

    If weight and comfort ain't priority, I would think about motorcycle wheels. Most modern motorscooters have small diameter wheels with BIG diskbrakes. My scooter has a 12" front wheel and a 14" back wheel. But the big tires make them as large (or lager) as a 20" bike wheel. Otherwise...
  3. maddox

    Pull behind camper

    I have to admit, the Low Lands are flat as a pancake. But once you get a tad south and east from Emiels place, that flatness disappears rather fast.
  4. maddox

    Anyone build a Streetfox style trike with hard tail style Warrior style rear wheel fork?

    I would do it the other way around. Warrior front with streetfox back. On the other hand, Belgian roads are third world quality, suspension is needed.
  5. maddox

    Anyone wax their legs , sorry chains ?

    I'm using Boeshield T9 Chain wax/oil. Works as advertised. No filthy chain, no splatters anywere, no abrasive mixture of sand and oil/greas to eat away the sprockets.
  6. maddox

    Going for my second build.

    I use the way the Bafang is set up to let the electronics dictate how much power I put in myself and how much the motor will add. In each setting the motor will assist up to an certain rpm. It's unfortunatly a tad higher than I like to pedal for longer distances, but it's a worthy goal to achive.
  7. maddox

    Warrior Trike for sale

    I fear P&P would prohibitive for me. (or the other EU/UK based people)
  8. maddox


    Hello there. Welcome back to the pack. There is a reason why aluminium framed upwrongs use oversized tubing. Rule of tumb, , for the same wall thickness, increase the diameter (or square) with 50%. So a steel 1.5" box section will need a 2" or even a 2" 1/8 box section replacement. Thicker...
  9. maddox

    Hello- New to Forum

    This groups is a relaxed bunch. I'm still around as a wannabe. Didn't finish a AZ design yet.
  10. maddox

    bafang mid drive died in service

    Bad wire/Connection between battery and motor?
  11. maddox

    bafang mid drive died in service

    The controller is inside the motor, but is fairly easy to remove and replace. Unfortunatly, it's about half the newprice of a motor to buy the controller.
  12. maddox

    bafang mid drive died in service

    Annoying. But what kind of battery do you use?
  13. maddox

    Tomahawk Seat foam

    I would use a combination of Closed cell foam as bottom layer (think black industrial insulation foam) with a second layer with ventilation channels cut out. On the other hand, I do like my mesh recliner.
  14. maddox

    bring back to life=my "T-bucket of bolts"

    2 Brushed DC motors with 1 controller would do fine.
  15. maddox

    Machinist Needed

    Belgium... P&P could get annoying.
  16. maddox

    Machinist Needed

    As long Uranus is not involved
  17. maddox

    Machinist Needed

    PM me. But one question. Where are you building?
  18. maddox

    Trike wheels

    Most commercial tadpool trikes have a rear brake as option, and in most cases, as parking brake only. Unless somebody can invent an ABS bike brake, then the rear can become just that bit extra brake power.
  19. maddox

    DIY battery

    Looks heavy per cell. But the pricetag is worth a test. Bought one and will test it to the limit. (and possibly beyond). My gut tells me 10Ah . And like Emiel wrotes, go for 12S. That is just a tad over the voltage limit of the the 10S LiPo, nothing the electronics can't handle, and it will...
  20. maddox

    Matched mechanical callipers

    Yep, also work on 10" rotors. Now to find replacement pads. I seem to digest Juicy BB7 pads in about 2000 miles. And those have a lot more area to to do their thing.