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    Polymer bicycle spokes ? Was this video made April 1st ? ...

    Hi all Unbelievable Should keep Dan occupied for a few hours ? Paul
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    What do you make of this ?

    Hi all Interesting demo of steering pivot angles for a Python STYLE bike ? little more here Paul
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    Anyone wax their legs , sorry chains ?

    Hi all Anyone tried this ? OZ bike diy wax I certainly need a cleaner solution than new engine oil ? Paul
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    Interesting 4 wheeler

    Hi all this is interesting , if I could only figure out how it works ? yanbike untranslated ? janbike seems to pivot at the front behind the wheels and be front wheel drive [ maybe more ? ] also looks to have 4 wheel steering ? Like the way the fairing is mounted on the handlebars , very...
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    anyone got 12 wheels and a friend ?

    Hi all Novel , however not much use ? Paul
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    Another tilting Flevo trike ?

    Hi all So this is a Flevo bike converted to a trike using a iLean rear end and rubber damping ? This is both simple and dangerous in about equal measures :whistle::whistle::whistle:(n) Looks like 9mm axles on the wheels , one 8mm bolt and some string holding the pedal axle to the frame ? To...
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    2wd tilting upright trike ? All terrain ?

    Hi all anyone seen this ? not sure what controls the tilt ? Paul
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    Musing on iLean - yes a morbid fascination .......

    Ok why ? Well I think it is neat and gives slight suspension and allows tilting so allowing narrower track and higher seat and still be relatively safe ? so Lego delta trike with iLean rear end, pointer in centre of iLean axle to see range of movement ? wheel is 4" diameter and so model is...
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    Neat tilting delta Python trike

    Hi all Another take on a tilting delta trike this time a Python. N55 space frame inspired Now I am not keen on the ' bolt together ' aspect of this trike , however there are some great ideas to be seen including including a Duschar joint from a Flevo style bike. regards Paul p.s looks...
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    Hand cranking and tilting Emiel & Popshot I thought of U ?

    Wow this is complicated :- Tilting velomobile May have some useful ideas in it ? thought Paul
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    how does this work then ? Delta FWD cyclecar ?

    Hi all Always interested in cyclecars [ despite being impossible to get a new build road legal in UK ] this Villard cyclecar is a delta with FWD ! Interesting to know how the drive chain stays on the front wheel ! Does not look like RWS to me , looks like front wheel turns and chain wheel...
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    Pandering to my inner fetish ?

    Hi all In the current weather I have cold feet problems the main cause is cycling for 1 hr to mothers,sit around outside for 15 minutes and then cycle home for another 1 hr.[ hovering around -2 at present ] Amazon was a waste of time almost all listed were either in Canada or China with...
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    Anyone near Leighton Buzzard want a challenge ?

    Hi all For sale on Ebay :- Flevobike If it had been closer I may have had a punt ? Could either change pivot angle and make it a Python either 2 or 4 wheeler ? Or if very cheap a parts donor ? Paul
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    Fix a mug with a TIG welder ....

    Hi all Really think this is cool ? Wonder where you get the stuff from ? Although looking at the date it is an old video ? Paul
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    Uherský Brod, Czechia, annual recumbent meeting

    Hi all as usual this is a wonderful event and video reports of four days spent in a great company Can you spot:- 2 Pythons ? Recumbent high racers Back to back tandem Recumbent tandem Velomobile Rowing recumbent Fat tadpole watch the sprint and see a couple of tadpole riders come...
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    anyone used these ?

    Hi all These look like a good idea ? Combines drill/tap I wonder whether running the tap in at that speed is a good idea ? Always suspicious of anything gold coloured from China ! Paul
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    Plywood velomobile plans anybody ?

    Hi there this has just surfaced on the interweb thingy ? Shame I am building my car currently .... Still dreaming Paul
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    Calculator for trail and wheel flop ?

    Hi all Came across this :- Trail calculator It has a value for wheel flop , without telling you what is considered acceptable ? puzzled Paul
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    Does anyone remember a CAD drawing done of a single sprocket driving 2 free wheels ? old forum ?

    Hi all Off old forum :- Does anyone remember a CAD drawing done of a single sprocket driving 2 free wheels ? The sprocket was sandwiched between 2 free wheels and bolted together with 6mm ? bolts through the free wheel teeth ? Was it for a pseudo 2 wheel drive for a delta ? or something else...