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    Wheel master

    Does anyone have experience with this brand of wheels?
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    Change of plan

    Looking at the framework and plans for a Timberwolf. What problems can anyone see in making the rear end a " hardtail ". Up here parts are hard to come by. And what's the pitfalls of fabricating the parts from raw stock ?
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    Anyone know what angle the headrest should be?

    I read thru a few times and can't a mention of the angle for the head rest. Anyone got an idea?
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    Buying your first welder

    Not touching a stinger, or a gun for almost 40 years. Lemme give you new guys a piece of advice. HF, CH any of the low budget welders out there. DON'T USE THE CRAPPY WIRE, OR STICKS THAT COME WITH IT. My own ? HF Titanium 110 volt. I made one pass on some scrap and had to pull the spool...
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    Anyone have a review for Blue Sunshine disc brake assembly?

    As I am not well versed with building disc brakes. I thought I would look up Shimano. Blue Sunshine is the better one that I found because Shimano never showed on Amazon. Has anyone used this brand and how well did they work for you.
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    And so it begins

    Made the first cuts today. Kinda hard to start with being sick and all. Chemo will do that to you. Building a Timberwolf Wide Ass 😉 Rear frame is 39 inches, and no I don't plan on riding the bike paths 😁. Still leaning towards the cable steering.
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    Everybody's thoughts on cable steering?

    G'day all Just wanted your thoughts on cable steering. Yeah I'm still in planning stages. I can't come up with a good reason not to BUT, there are a few dissenting opinions out there.
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    Fat tires on a Timberwolf

    Hey All Does anyone see a problem with fat tires 3 to 4 inch.on the back 1.75 on the front? I mean handling, steering or otherwise. Thank you Red.
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    Sourcing rims

    Now I know the AZ plans call for most of not all parts be reused from " junkers". BUT, my concern is the rims. What exactly am I looking for in a rim? Double wall? 1.75? Fat tire? I want to tour and see the USA. From a slower pace. So I don't want to be tacoing a rim in the middle Bum**** Egypt.
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    Is this engine adaptable I'll be towing a lightweight trailer and touring the USA
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    Any down side to using 1" tube?

    Hello all I can easily aquire 1/16 1 inch tube. Any down side to this size?