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    Trike wheels

    Hello Gentlemen, I have just finished my first DIY trikeand it really looks good. I have a few problems however, but as this was my PROTOTYPE I don't mind. Here are a few remarks and I'd like to know if someone could give me a reason: 1° I think that I have to put a lot of leg power to advance...
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    Hello, I see here that the plans for building this trike would be 16.95 USDollar. Is that right? Because on the same pages I see that you get 6 plans for 36 dollars. Am I understanding this wrong? For me If I can get all the plans for this recumbent trike for 16 and a bit dollars, I'd be...
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    Hello Gents, My name is Charles and I am from Belgium Europe. I am a structural engineer but retired at the age of 69. I am currently trying to build my own trike and therefor I have enslisted myself in a TIG welding school. My frame is already finished in steel (trial version). Currently I am...