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    Steel Furniture: My first Piece!

    Hi everyone, We here in the AZ Crew know we aren't limited to building mobile things- we can build stationary things too! and I did. I've got a 6 foot table I use for a ham radio and electronics workbench (my "ham shack") and it has needed a second tier for some time. There's just not enough...
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    Kids bike into a T-Rex

    Hey everyone, My sister in law loves dinosaurs like crazy, so I got the idea to use scrap bike parts and left over metal from my trike build to make her a dinosaur. Here it is before paint: The tail is a fork leg, the body is a kids bike, the neck is a seat post, the head is two seats. The...
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    Very cool Metal working Youtube Channel

    Hey guys and gals, I ran across this build and ended up binge watching all 11 episodes! This guy builds an articulating dump truck powered by a 13hp Harbor Freight engine, and it's epic. Lots of salvaged parts and outside the box thinking. He also talks a lot about tools and techniques. I...
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    AZ Inspired Trike Build (The Tri-Meridian) is Complete!

    Yes, that's right- it's DONE. That doesn't mean there isn't more to do, but it means that my biggest hurdle: getting it to where I can just hop on it and go for a ride! has been cleared. And that'sexactly what I did today. It was only about half a mile, and I have a feeling there will be little...
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    Charging laptop battery?

    Hey guys and gals, I figured I'd start here since the signal to noise ratio is quite good here ;) I have a laptop battery pack that I want to use for another project. It's currently had its case removed and is being used outside of the laptop. But to charge it I have to return it to the laptop...
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    Super helpful Ebay seller (or not)

    I thought I'd look into better hubs for my trike build, ones with disk brakes. Better but also still very cheap. And since this is a fat tire bike, nothing is cheap! To Ebay we go. I found a pair of hubs for $99 that I could get but only if I didn't have to go spend another $60 on spokes! So I...
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    Steam Powered Wood Tadpole Trike

    Hey everyone, I saw this on HackADay, and just had to share: A very neat build one major feature: Steam power! Check it out and watch the video :)
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    AZ inspired trike build starts!

    Hi everyone, In 2008 I built a Meridian, and not much later I had to sell it :( I also got rid of all my metal working tools and all bike related stuff, save for a few odds and ends. For the last few years I've been keeping an eye out at garage sales for tools and parts, and I've finally...