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    110v welder

    I started off with a 220v Lincoln stick welder. Honestly, I think it's too unnecessarily powerful for these bike projects. I found it messy, tougher to use, and constantly burning holes through everything. Especially thinner stuff, like putting the pedal assembly onto the brackets. Now I have...
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    Dual Warrior Sociable Tandem Quad

    Actually the backrest part is made by a company called Mobo. I believe they were $40 each and I couldn't make them for cheaper. I find this backrest very comfortable and breathable compared to the one in the plans.
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    Manitoba Warrior

    It's mostly the front wheels and brakes that I salvage because they were a huge pain to buy and build. If not for those I could probably build a trike over a weekend. I think it took me a year of bringing the wheel parts to various bike shops before one of them actually made what I was asking...
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    Dual Warrior Sociable Tandem Quad

    Finished a quad which is two warrior trikes welded together side by side but with a bit of a timberwolf at the rear wheels. It works great, can be pedaled by either side as much or as little as they want. The only real problem I had was it had no suspension at first and the wheels would...
  5. Dual Warrior Sociable Tandem Quad

    Dual Warrior Sociable Tandem Quad

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    Dual Warrior Sociable Tandem Quad
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    Dual Warrior Sociable Tandem Quad
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    Dual Warrior Sociable Tandem Quad
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    Dual Warrior Sociable Tandem Quad
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    Merge with Warrior Trike

    I built a sociable tandem quad that is basically two warriors welded together with elements of timberwolf trike in the rear. I had the traction issue of a quad and figured out to put timberwolf suspension on the back wheels. Works perfect now.
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    Manitoba Warrior

    I am also a Manitoban with a warrior build. Right now I've taken parts off of it to build another bike but I still have the warrior frame.