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    Electric Warrior tip

    Yes - I've been meaning to add a little more padding for some time. That strip down the middle makes a big difference.
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    Electric Warrior tip

    Here's the 'after' picture, in commuting mode (with flag, luggage and lights): Steep hills - no problem :)
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    Electric assist added
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    Electric Warrior tip

    If it's a frame-mount battery: do you depend on just the tabs in the baseplate to keep the battery in place? Doesn't seem adequate, I'm planning to add at least a velcro retaining strap are you concerned about water getting into the battery case? The endless-sphere forum recommends drainage...
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    Electric Warrior tip

    I completed my Warrior a few years ago, and am now adding electric assist. Here's the 'before' picture: My battery is 'frame mount', bolts on to standard water bottle holes. I considered laying it on the front boom, but there's not much room between the knees. It just fits behind the seat...
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    Another Warrior

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