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  1. DannyC

    This had me chuckling like a lunatic. :ROFLMAO:

    The language can be a bit "ripe" in places but there is a lot of good humour in this little 6 minute collection. Enjoy!
  2. DannyC

    Have you seen these gizmo's?

    I seem to often forget to turn my welding helmet "off" and then I need new batteries. Yes you can buy 1-use disposable 2450's, 2025's and 2032's quite cheaply; but the "dead battery" always seems to happen when the shops are shut. :( I discovered that you can buy these batteries in...
  3. DannyC

    I was feeling guilty.

    I have not ridden any of my trikes since the onset of dementia Winter. As a fully paid-up member of the "Soft Southern Jessies" fraternity I prefer my toes to be warm & dry when I am cycling. I also have been spending more time on "other projects" like making a number of coffee-tables and...
  4. DannyC

    Oh No, what have I done?

    Ok, I know I am going to be in trouble for this. But I couldn’t help it, honest. Have you heard the expression "more money than sense"? Santa delivered this down my chimney. I have no real idea what it is, or how to use it right now. I believe it consumes five-pound notes faster than I can...
  5. DannyC

    Gone, but never forgotten

    Friends, I still ache from the loss of my good friend John (Sandman) with whom I spent many long hours "chatting" on Skype while planning our many and always "next" adventure. As some of you will know, I inherited his two folding frame trikes "Nicor" and "Loki" and while "Nicor" was finished and...
  6. DannyC

    Home-Made Clothes rail for Dwarf's. ;-)

    Yes, I could have bought one on Ama-Bay or E-zon. But if you have a welder, why not make your own? The actual "bar" is 1" tube with 1/8" wall. The frame is made from rectangular tube. Interestingly, when you turn it upside-down and bolt/screw it to the rafter of your garage/workshop you...
  7. DannyC

    Another FWD Delta trike.

    The three 24" wheels are all built and I need to make an honest trike of them with their marriage to a frame. My Tadpoles (Nicor & Loki ) are all that I could possibly want in "Tadpole Triking" and I really don't fancy a "Fat-Taddy" just because it is the in-thing. So it looks like I will...
  8. DannyC

    Working my way back to fitness.

    Many years (12) on Statins and other assorted "post heart-attack" medications coupled with the over reliance on e-Assist had left me very weak indeed. So much so that without e-assist doing all the work a minor gradient would have me really struggling. Today was a very pleasing day in that I...
  9. DannyC

    As Popeye Said........ "I can't standz no more"

    I am fed up of the terrible state of my junk-room come workshop. Everything "not immediately required" gets chucked in there and it is just too depressing and untidy for words. Every attempt to tidy it up results in just moving junk from A to B. Time to do Something about it then! There...
  10. DannyC

    This made me smile.

    When you have not ridden a 2-wheeler for a while.
  11. DannyC

    So what's next?

    So the Python-Trial machine is basically completed and ride-able however, 'idle hands do the devil's work'; so another project is required, but what? With 2 Tadpoles and a Python in the current list of available trikes there is an imbalance so maybe another delta? Random thoughts so far.... I...
  12. DannyC

    Definitely NOT an Upwrong

    Saw this and thought "What a brave man".
  13. DannyC

    Another lovely ride today.

    With all my time & attention being absorbed on the Python trike I had neglected the reworked "LOKI" trike for some time. I was reminded that both LOKI & I require some "proving" before we could be considered in any way "match-fit" for any Summer trike adventures. So I gave LOKI (and myself) a...
  14. DannyC

    I like the looks of this e-Quad from Utah Trikes.

    Saw this and thought...."Wow!"
  15. DannyC

    Happy New Year

    Wishing all AZ folks a very Happy New Year. See you on the other side in 2020.
  16. DannyC

    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas

    I would like to say "Merry Christmas" to all of the AZ family. I hope you all have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas break with your nearest and dearest kith and kin. Best wishes to you all, and Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  17. DannyC

    Lovely Velo's here.

    Have a gander at this. Lovely Velo's.
  18. DannyC

    Donate button and Contact "anti-Spam" generator all broken.

    Brad, Kat, There's some broken stuff in the web donate and contact pages. Thought you should know.
  19. DannyC

    What about a "Jokes" thread? - I will start.

    Why not have a jokes thread? Let's try and keep it clean, non-racist and not too prurient because we have ladies and other folk of a gentle disposition here on AZ. I will start with a medical/Cycling related joke that's not at all vulgar (IMHO)...