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    Warrior Trike Front Wheels

    I bought new hubs and rims on Ebay and took them to the local bike shop to lace up.
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    exercise bike

    I put the warrior i built on the same kind of stand for winter.
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    Warrior trike- 1st build

    It also looks like the horizontal piece of the fork tube is leaning to one side instead if being parallel to the ground.
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    Warrior Trike Build Thread

    You're correct the double pull is the front brakes. They're both on the left because that's what i could find in stock I had a difficult time finding any of them. I tried the splitter kind but it just didnt seem to work as well and was more messy than i wanted to try to cable manage.
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    Warrior Trike Build Thread

    And the last one completed. Hopefully it'll go for a test ride today weather permitted. I still have a little fine tuning like the grips, bottle holder phone/mirror mounts. But it's good to use.
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    ZomboDroid 30102021080853.jpg

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    Doug's Warrior Questions 6 - Cable Routing

    I used these Cable guides because you can just twist the cable to drop it in and out which solves the issue of having to take it apart to remove it. Also, to make them a little more snug i welded them on over the ends then ground the weld down until it was smooth enough to fit the cable and not...
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    Doug's Warrior Questions 6 - Cable Routing

    I know this is an old thread, but here is my "nickle worth of free advice". I just finished two warriors and one tomahawk this is the process I used. I didn't want to go with the zip ties (again), Popshot recommended cable guides in another post, which is what I ran with. I ordered a 100 pack of...
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    Warrior Trike Build Thread

    Back from powder coating and assembled. The powder coat looks great and is well worth the money. Painting the 1st one cost about 40 dollars and took me a few days to prep, prime, dry, paint, dry and it was still not that durable despite using supposedly heavy duty paint I took the frame and 6...
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    Warrior trike- 1st build

    Are you worried about strength at all with it being 12mm hub, 3/8th bolt and the plans showing a 14mm hub with a 5/8th bolt?
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    Warrior trike- 1st build

    What size is the bolt for the axle you used in the last picture?
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    Warrior Trike Build Thread

    Ready for powder coat. I welded on bottle holder bosses, thst someone on here sent me a link to and the same aite had cable guides, so i welded several on as well. I can't wait to see how it comes out.
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    Warrior Trike Build Thread

    Second one prior to the test ride
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    Warrior Trike Build Thread

    First one prior to the test ride.
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