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  1. The Cat

    Low power pack

    This is just a quick note to all the Zombies of the Forum. Found on website a waterproof battery pack case for bicycle bike lamps. For those who are experienced developers of electrical bicycle lights or other low power uses. The link is a longish connection as I suspect there are...
  2. The Cat

    A Vague memory

    If I remember correctly there was a vehicle that Radical Brad either build or theorized of a camper that used a hub motor connected to a pedal arrangement. The pedalled hub motor used as a generator and powered another hub motor at rear of vehicle. The only connection was wiring between the two...
  3. The Cat

    Easter Pictures

    This use of a China Cup to decorate started last week and was finished yesterday. Part of the delay due to me becoming ill. Happy Easter to all. .
  4. The Cat

    Building a double Rimmed Wheel

    I used Cardboard for rim, and discs and wool for spokes. Started this project after a two to three-year lapse. Date is Thursday, 31 January 2019. Got a double thick cardboard box and using a sharp knife cut box to lay flat. Using a drill bit for a pivot and length of cardboard created a compass...