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    My StreetFox. My gratitude.

    Here i want to express a heartful THANKS to Brad, and all others, who answered my questions about building a StreetFox. Not being a mechanic at all, i made something i never had imagined that i would be able to make, a human powered vehicle satisfying my needs for commuting, work, joy, health...
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    Steering wobble on StreetFox

    I have speed wobble on the Streetfox: front wheels shaking at speeds over ~ 15kmh or so. The wobble can be serious in higher speed, comes when driving with one hand or holding softly, and the cure is holding the steer with both hands and very firmly. Doing research, i found that generally the...
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    Opinion sought for breaking system on a StreetFox

    I intend to use my StreetFox for some touring with heavy loads in remote areas, with safety first in mind. It has a well-working v-brake on the back wheel, but I am concerned about the 2 front brakes. Having a bad experience already with disk brakes under heavy loads in my upright touring...
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    Opinion sought for StreetFox modification

    It has to do with the front arms, called as "front arm boom" in the plan. What might be the implications? --> Please, see attached draft image. ++ Additional potentially useful info: -The trike will be used only by me. I am 70 inch tall (177cm). It is stated that the angled front boom solution...
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    A bit of help with a modification on StreetFox

    After having decided what exactly i want, i downloaded the plans for StreetFox and Warrior and i am planning my construction: basically a StreetFox with disc brakes. I worry about a certain point on the frame: it is the junction of the "main boom" and the "seat tube". I simply do not want it to...
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    A possible solution for one-sided axles for a tadpole trike...???

    Hello inventive people here, (Fistly a note, who i am. A 60 year old cyclist, 100s of 1000s of kms on the legs on bicycle-touring for decades, and he likes to experiment with things DIY. I am in the mood to try a DIY tadpole trike, in a way to be as simple and as cheap as possible, so that...