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    Warrior front wheels question?

    On the warriors I built it seems like the front wheels were always a trick to tighten enough, but not to tight, fight with spacers to make the 5/8 bolt fit the 20mm hub etc I just saw these at lowes and they fit perfectly into the hub, reduce the hole size to match the 5/8 bold and the flange...
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    DIY English Wheel

    I want fenders for the bike and trikes I made, unfortunately they're expensive, as are english wheels, so here is my DIY wheel. Now off to learn how to make a fender.
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    Bottle holder mod

    This is a bottle holder mod for a warrior. I was getting a complaint that it was difficult to reach the bottle facing the other way. I need to drill a hole in the top part so i can easily access the crew underneath, and going to cut away some material from the base part and the top part to...
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    Warrior head tube length?

    I'm making two warriors, so I'll get my first one back to use since everyone else likes riding it. They're not sure about under seat steering. So I'm going to try to set up these two with the ability to have under seat and above seat. My plan is to not cut down the head tubes or the fork...
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    grinder holder

    I kept using my harbor freight Mig holder and be thrilled how well it worked but then would set my grinder down, drop it break a cutting wheel etc. Finally it dawned on me. Here is my 10 dollar fix.
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    trike rack

    Various trike racks, like for the bed of a truck, the kind that go into a hitch and holds 1 or 2 bikes, horizontally or vertically, etc.
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    An interesting take on a trike

    I'm surprised the front rims and axles are holding up under the stress of support only on one side. It seems to have a good turning radius though.
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    Tomahawk test ride

    I just went on the first test ride on a tomahawk I'm building. I still need to finish a few small details before paint but it was good enough to test. Wow this thing is super twitchy, it has one hell of a learning curve
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    Warrior Trike Build Thread

    I started building a warrior on Nov. 24th 2020. My first test ride was on March 1st, no paint, no gears and only 1 rear brake. After I verified it worked, I took it back apart, painted it reassembled and went on it's first ride of 10 miles on June 4. I had hoped to be done by the end of March...
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    "Faster horses"

    A folding trike or recumbent bike...
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    Warrior build Questions

    I'm looking to start a warrior build,but I'm having a hard time finding old bikes with threaded stems much less matching ones. I have a tube off one that i can use for both sides, as itsover 5", but only one fork. Is there any reason why i can't split the threads from the one fork and weld them...