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  1. Popshot

    Those turn on a Sixpence folks will like this?

    I'd like to see them try that at slow speed. I suspect it wouldn't look as easy. Pretty similar to a Mosquito by the looks.
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    Information about Chain

    Buy std chains in bulk from Ali express.
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    Quad build with front and rear steering.

    It was at 35mph that mine started it's misbehaviour. I only get up to that as there's a monster hill into Leeds from the Dewsbury road. For certain, many folk will never see such a hill. I doubt that this would shimmy but would more likely simply bite once and the first you'd know about it would...
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    Quad build with front and rear steering.

    I suspect it's ridden in flat areas, because I also suspect you wouldn't want to get up to any speed downhill on it. I do have direct experience of a trike that's quite happy under 25mph but then shows a different aspect above it and I would expect this to be similar. The minute number of cars...
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    I can't believe they invented it
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    Our Poultry Tractor

    I paid about 15 bucks equivalent a sheet for some a year ago in the uk so those prices can't be representative. Try painting and decorating or flooring stores as it's often used as a floor protector. Also try searching by "corrugated plastic" and also other trade names such as "correx" rather...
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    Some musings on construction methods

    Not having actually done much lately due to a stuffed back I've been thinking about when I replace the temporary chassis on my last regular taddy (the orange one) with something better. I've been thinking about that central join of the main to cross members and found this...
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    Ball Joint

    If you struggle with notching tubes there is help available. Just print off, tape to the tube and grind.
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    sources for seat padding material?

    Never had arse ache but never had an upright seat. I also have a less than perfect back and reclining stops all my weight going down my spine and my weight is spread across a larger surface area. Whether pedalling or watching tv reclining is my favoured position.
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    sources for seat padding material?

    I used a camping mat. They're high density and closed cell so won't suck up water. They're also cheap. Equally though closed cell won't breathe but if you're covering it in vinyl or similar the lack of breathing is moot.
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    Diy electric streetfox.

    Powder coating is a good idea. It costs very little more than doing a decent paint job. Just make sure you are happy with it first. A paint job can be touched up if you weld on a new bracket. A powder coating is much harder to do. One thing often overlooked is cable management. Cable ties work...
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    Pipe Notcher

    I have always just used a flap disc in an angle grinder. I've done literally hundreds of such notches that way. If you want more precision then get a hole saw the size of the head tube and use it in a bench drill. Remember to calculate the correct offsets in both directions.
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    A selection of previous and current builds

    Every welder struggles with vertical more than flat. The weld pool simply wants to run away. Where ever you can, rotate your work so you can weld flat. Where you have to weld vertical try to keep the arc at the edge of the pool so it builds up less or revert to simply spot welding a half second...
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    Quad build.

    If the forward platform mount in green is joined to the blue seat mount some triangulation is achieved. Same with extending that same forward platform mount to the top of the rear suspension mounts. Very little extra chassis would be needed to add a lot of strength in those two points. From the...
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    Quad build.

    Other way round Emiel. Does the motor itself have a gearbox? I'm not familiar with a tesla motor for a bike and the internet throws up no matches either.
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    A selection of previous and current builds

    It would take a lot more power than I generate to move my lard on the seat. I doubt even the most powerful and lightweight would have issue either. With the mig you may have too high a pressure on the gas. Too little gives sputtering and too much gives spattering. Similar but different. It may...
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    Warrior front wheels question?

    Bronze should be fine. I've had the ally 15 to 12mm spacers in a hub and they were fine. I'd beware of using 3/4 as a substitute for a 20mm bolt though. 3/4 is only just over 19mm.
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    Tilting Quad Velomobile

    Are you having any storeage in it?
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    Change of plans, literally

    Me too. The only area of issue is the joint of main beam to cross beam which offers little overlap to weld in round. It either needs some gusseting or you can make the crossbeam in two pieces and fishmouth them to the main.
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    Delta trike design- For under seat steering-

    The trapezoid holding the seat at the rear pivots at all 4 corners. This pivoting action points the seat and front wheel one way or the other to provide steering fixed with tilt. The pivoting is controlled by wires from the bars to the trapezoid. Not the simplest of builds and the cable steering...