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  1. DougMorency

    P-38 Drop Tank Dimensions - velomobile body

    Here is a site that you can by premade bodies for lake racers. I am using the measurements to work on the buck for my velomobile motorcycle project. P-38 Belly Tanks
  2. DougMorency

    Wood You Build IT?
  3. DougMorency

    Found an old OverKill Chopper video from 2004!

    I bought these plans when they first came out, I will have a look and see if I have the highres video as well.
  4. DougMorency

    chassis ideas for a velomobile

    I just wanted to stoke some imagination here. If you are going to build a velomobile or a trike, look the suspension setups on the Peel Trident and the Peel P50 micro cars. Peel Trident Pictures Peel P50 Pictures I hope this opens some design ideas
  5. DougMorency

    Linear drive system

    look at the row bikes, or the irish mails.
  6. DougMorency

    Commodore Computers and Parts Wanted.

    we hacked space invaders on cassette so we could copy it. lol
  7. DougMorency

    Mid drive I built 14 years ago.

    they should be showing up.
  8. DougMorency

    Tadpole trike hubs.

    Brad, have you thought of designing hubs for trikes that can use bottom brackets as the hub and bearings, might support more weight the the standard hubs. the square one would just need spoke flanges to be welded on and the square taper could be cut into a square hole on mounting flange on...
  9. DougMorency

    Commodore Computers and Parts Wanted.

    I love the PET, that was what got me into computers, in 1979.
  10. DougMorency

    Mid drive I built 14 years ago.

    here is a mid drive that I built 14 years ago for my low racer To Build my mid drive I took one of the following free hub (the left 2 should work). 1) I removed the internal locking sprags for it. 2) I then took the cassette and file out the small splines on the cassette sprockets...
  11. DougMorency

    Wood You Build IT?

    here is a velomobile called the sun rider, that could be made into wood as the base for the trike. and here is the 3d models of it that you could print.
  12. DougMorency

    Wood You Build IT?

    here is a bike, the designer called the mistress, it is laminated wood and foam and may give you some ideas on how to make a light weight chassis.
  13. DougMorency

    A New Type of Vehicle

    I am looking into making a velomobile out of a 1985 kawasaki vulcan motor cycle. the motor will be up front and your legs will wrap around the motor to the foot controls, andthe front tires will be back where your knees are lik a tadpole trike.