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  1. G4MJW

    Front Fork for 20" Wheel with Disc Brake Bracket UK source wanted

    I need a Front Fork for 20" Wheel (406) for a project Must have: Disc Brake Bracket 1 1/8" Steerer 175mm long or more and Threaded 3/8" Dropout with 100mm Gap I have searched Internet, particularly Ebay and my LBS's over the last few to find any dealers with one. Hopefully find someone in the...
  2. G4MJW

    Tandem Bike to Trike Conversion . . . . won't steer straight!

    Hi all, Hope someone can throw some light on this problem. I have a Ecosmo Tandem Bike which has 20" wheels. I've converted it to a Trike with a Dream Bikes (Brazil) Rear end. It has a Diff, so both wheels are driven. Has also twin rear Disc Brakes! The bike before converting steered prfectly...
  3. G4MJW

    Stick Welding ~ absolute beginner

    Hello all. My 2021 project is to build a Viking Recumbent Trike. I MIG Welded many things over 20 years but no longer have the MIG (Clarke 185). I've also Soldered and brazed. However, this project is reliant on "low cost"! I have an angle-grinder and amost every tool that I should need apart...