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  1. MrIdaho

    2 Golden Motor wheels for sale

    I have 2 motorized wheels with very little use for sale, One is a 20" wheel and the other is a 26" wheel. I have the controllers as well. $200 for each wheel
  2. MrIdaho

    cleaning out garage

    Due to health reasons I have to get rid of all my projects. Already got most of the parts gone but need to get rid of a recumbent trike w/20mm front hubs with disc brakes. Also my "hot Rod" needs to go bye bye. Anybody in Oregon or Washington give me a message if interested.
  3. MrIdaho

    trike w/ rear steering

    ran across this
  4. MrIdaho


    Went for my daily 5 mile ride, the battery indicator still showed lots of charge. Got about 4 miles and the display went blank, no juice? Charging as I type. This is a new Li-po battery that has about 50 miles on it.
  5. MrIdaho

    unhappy trike to get ride of

    I want to rid myself of this trike. It stops tooo quick, steering too fast, seat has to steep of an angle. The yellow one is my daily ride. The one in front I want gone! If anyone wants a nice street fox with hub motor, 36v battery, performs well but I myself not happy. Tired of working on it. H...
  6. MrIdaho

    hot rod golf cart

    I built this machine several years ago but the motor was too small. Have also installed a lawn tractor differential to rid the cart of the VW syndrome (wheels were canted inward.) purchased same kit as Ed pedal car as well as a disc brake setup. In the mean time I lost the master link for the...
  7. MrIdaho

    trike back together

    Got my street fighter back together w. hd mid drive motor and 20AH Li-po battery battery pack. So far have 30 miles and charge on battery is still the same. That new battery is a little heaver but worth the lower cost and safety concerns of a Li-ion battery. Highly recommend if needing new...
  8. MrIdaho

    Weinmann U3 wheels = brake pads

    I put these on my trike several years ago and the wheel mentioned a different type of brake pads. Never paid attention but brakes are really bad. Dosen't really stop the trike. Can't find the caution on the wells or Weinmann website. Anybody have any idea what type of brake pads I need?
  9. MrIdaho

    street fox w/ issues

    I am selling this trike as I need the shop space plus I don't want to work on it anymore It rides nice but could use a 48v battery instead of the 36v on it plus the rear wheel should be a 20 inch instead of the 26 inch. This smaller wheel will level out the seat angle as well. Has front disc...
  10. MrIdaho

    bike, trike, scooter drag racing

    woke up this morning and had an inspirational crazy idea! stat an E-motion drag racing organization. There are LOTS of E bikes, trikes and scooters out there so why not look into better battery, motor designs etc. time your elapsed time over say 100 yards. Scooters in one class, up-wrong's in...
  11. MrIdaho

    Lipo 4 battery pack w/ charger

    I am pretty sure I cancelled this order but I now have 3 battery packs. Only need 2 Anyone in the West Washington or Portland area in need of a new still in original packing I have one to sell. If no...
  12. MrIdaho

    bafang mid drive died in service

    While out riding around town My mid drive motor went kaputt! had to hobble it home. Was hoping a battery connection=NO No display connected volt meter to battery wires=24 volts? should be 48 (I just charged the battery) connected the wires from motor to the battery wires = 12v suspect the...
  13. MrIdaho

    bring back to life=my "T-bucket of bolts"

    Started this build many moons ago and has not been used for couple of years. Many issues such as underpowered = battery drain to high and it has "VW Syndrome" on the rear wheels. plan is to remove the freewheel differential, upgrade the brakes and insert a section of pipe to fit over the rear...
  14. MrIdaho

    converting tadpole recumbent =lawnmower

    being physically unable to mow my own lawn, thinking about morphing a tadpole recumbent into a riding mower. acquiring an old lawn mower deck, use a brushless motor for the blade power and the rear wheel w/ integrated motor for motive power. Using the rear wheel with motor will allow...
  15. MrIdaho

    welding helmet rant

    WAS using a Harbor Freight welding helmet and decided to get a good Lincoln welding helmet from Home depot. Amazing what I have been not seeing. The difference is like night and day. helmet is set at #10, going to try #9 tomorrow. next purchase is a cheater lens and a skull cap. Got a hair cut...
  16. MrIdaho

    unicycle height?

    Brad has showen a picture of him setting a world record on a unicycle BUT last night on AGT a guy rode a unicycle that was 20 feet tall.
  17. MrIdaho

    back to work on my wife's Urban vehicle

    I looked for my thread on this project but ? Yesterday I finished up extending the front head tube about 8 inches forward of original p[position, eliminated the funky steering linkage I had on this creature. I then progressed to remounting the front wheel and improving how the wheel retainers...
  18. MrIdaho

    articulated hub motor

    While waiting for wheels for the trike based on an up wrong bike frame ("hammer head") I have the issue of motorizing my wife's urban cart. This is a Delta style trike with a hub motor on the front wheel. Well that design went out the door due to the fact there is not sufficient weight on the...
  19. MrIdaho

    toe clips etc

    Finally found another recumbent rider in our little town. Rider has a sun seeker fat tad e-trike w/ 24" fat tires. he fashioned fenders from plexiglass and installd some toe clip/straps. Have had one foot fall off once and after seeing this fat trike I am considering purchasing a set but any...
  20. MrIdaho

    projects I am working on

    saw a tadpole trike with front forks and though I would share these.