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    Default Re: Hello from Okanagan

    Well darnthedog, I had started and almost finished a Tadpole, when I realised the the guy at the steel recycling yard gave me the wrong steel. Instead of .0623 it was .100 and it weighed too much.
    I am thinking about redoing the Tadpole, now that I now what to look for, but the problem I am running into is, I am running out of space to store the bikes, My friend with his BIG yard and garage is selling his house and I live in an apartment building and with 2 Trikes 1 Quadricycle and 2 Mountain bikes the Management is starting to ask questions, plus I am running out of secure places to lock them up.
    So if I do rebuild the Tadpole it will more then likely be the last one for a while.
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