Hello everyone!

I am very excited to be putting the finishing touches to my Streetfox here in Nairobi.

I built a very poor trike years ago when my first-born was only weeks old, holding him on one arm and welding with the other! (at 8 years old he is now a keen builder and I have just finished making him a toolbox to keep all his bits and bobs together, and to prevent his youngest sister from eating them!).

I bought the Streetfox plans and set about putting it together. I borrowed a 25 year old arc welder, which I found to be OK for the major welds but my skills were not sufficient for the tricky bits. I then bought on UK Ebay and had shipped over a Clarke EN 90 MIG welder which made things a lot easier.

Finding parts has not been easy. The only metal available is rusty, there are 2 bike shops in Kenya, hardware shops don't stock a wide range of things, and anything imported is expensive.

However, after 6 months I am now just fiddling with chains guides and gear settings before beginning rigorous tests prior to my attempt at the '10 to 4' bike race down the north and west slopes of Mount Kenya. This year I am electing to complete the event called 'The Slide', which is one of the easiest routes as I have no experience. My objective is to complete the course with my and the trike in one piece!

I will try to find out how to post images here to show my efforts so far...