Thanks for the response. We had a saying in the Navigation Business, one peek beats a thousand sweeps (some times it's a good idea to take a look out the window). I really wanted to be certain of the hookup. I wondered if plug might be of the three circuit variety. The circuit board is very crude, it has a lot of jumpers (eliminating the need for double sided board) they didn't tin all of the copper including the kludge between the battery holder and the board. The "chip" is socketed, however.

Are you familiar with Sanders Associates, the computer division was a pioneer in video games. I worked for them in the summer of 1968?, refurbishing 620 and 720 video display terminals, completely made of SSI DTL's They had a console about the size of a dishwasher. It was full of card cages. They had 2 working systems set up, would plug suspect boards in, one at a time and step thru logic, one step at a time, we would the change the IC , they would proceed until it found another error. BTW the VDT's where so expensive, you couldn't buy them, just rent. Look at Brad's vdt for comparison, amazing