Brexit issues with imports.

Feb 3, 2017
They put stickers on it that they print themselves and picked up by the shipping company.
As they do that, than they need to deliver it to a post office themselves.
Well i was joking, although I wonder if it might work. I'm just having some fun with domino effect predictions. I think it's highly possible that some businesses can easily change some stickers or processes, obviously dependent on numbers, scale, costs, their commitment to legality, etc.
There might be new discrete packaging services or something popping up. Uber_proxybuy&send.
You might also be able to call a company that doesn't ship to uk and ask for them to send it without branding as a one-off.
Or some international pen pals from school are about to be asked for some favours.
Aren't most companies 'located' in Ireland anyway? -could become a package hub. Could they just route everything through ireland, walk it over to nth ireland then on to england. Or is the "hard border" coming soon?
Could be fun to watch what happens... fun for me*
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Sep 16, 2018
It is possible as someone sends it, instead of a shop.
But shops don't do it or stopped even with shipping.

I am happy to still be in the EU. For me it made it easier. Still don't like the euro, but now it is a lot easier with holidays in the EU.