Enclosed delta

Apr 16, 2017
Winnipeg, Manitoba
I won,t bore anyone here with yet another picture of my blue coro enclosed delta but I do have some plans for it this fall. At present it uses a Bafang BBSO2 mid drive motor. The drive goes from the pedals to just ahead of the seat where it uses a jackshaft to route the power to the left rear wheel. There have been some issues with this set up. This thing is heavy and the bicycle freewheel is I don,t think up to the task of taking the power through it. Every once in awhile it lets loose a loud snap noise. I,ve been unable to pin the exact cause down but I might have finally got a handle on it courtesy of my fat bike which also has a Bafang mid drive motor. I was riding the fatty last week to go meet some friends for coffee when a loud snap occurred. Then no forward motion. The fatty uses a freehub system and the internal ratcheting system broke, that took about 4 years of all season riding before it let go. Freewheel and freehub are different styles but both use small ratchet,s similar in concept to a ratchet wrench. So I,m thinking the old style screw on freewheel may be setting up for self destruction. The plan is the removal of the mid drive and going to good old pedal power for the rear wheel. I,m pretty sure my skinny little legs won,t overstress the drivetrain. And since the front fat forks on the blue delta are steel I think a front hub motor with 2 torque arms should work quite well, giving in effect 2wd. E bikes are becoming very common around here so selling the Bafang to recoup some of the cost shouldn,t be too difficult. I was thinking of a complete teardown but I really like the trike as is, the "cabin" is not cramped inside and weather, especially rainy weather is actually fun because I stay nice and dry inside.