Fat trike wheels and tyres 2x20 and 1x26

Oct 19, 2012
Wakefield, UK
2x20" and 1x26". All with new or almost new tyres. 20mm disc hubs in the small ones and a left side motor drive freewheel on the big one. The motor drive is a R/H thread so you'll either need to threadlock the locking ring or dab it with the welder to keep it on. The front hubs are not fat width but regular width so TBH there's little lateral triangulation of the spokes. Given the potential for lateral tyre movement I doubt you'd notice the wheel adding any extra contribution to that. If collecting I'll throw in a 7 speed freewheel and a pair of 20mm bolts but not if wanting them posted. Again if collecting you can also pick over the carcass of the trike they came off for any other bits you want such as the rear triangle. You can have any of the frame parts for free. If you want things like rod ends, suspension units and calipers then they're extra as is the brushed 600w 24v drive and batteries. This price is just for sale via here - £60. I don't really want to post but if I must that'll be plus £30 within mainland UK. I have no box this big so it'll be bubblewrap and a bin bag only and it needs to be three parcels due to the physical size (2x 20" / 1x26 without it's tyre / tyre) and you won't get all the extras. I'm scrapping the trike primarily because the steering was terrible and the extra wheelbase I got by moving the front wheels forward was too much for the std design of chassis and my lard so it would need a complete remake and I have other projects I wish to pursue so somebody-else can have the fun of the full fatties. These are also going on ebay but this price is for members here. Collection is from Ossett, West Yorkshire near J40 M1.

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