Gone, but never forgotten

May 31, 2013
South Benfleet, Essex, England, UK
I still ache from the loss of my good friend John (Sandman) with whom I spent many long hours "chatting" on Skype while planning our many and always "next" adventure.
As some of you will know, I inherited his two folding frame trikes "Nicor" and "Loki" and while "Nicor" was finished and to John's personal specification and was his definitive touring e-bike; "Loki" was a "work-in-progress" and was very much unfinished.
I left "Nicor" as it was and enjoyed it for some time while I worked on "Loki" to make it more to my liking.
"Loki" is completed (see other thread) and will be my Touring Machine of choice.
To be honest.... I can only ride one trike at a time and two almost identical tadpoles was just an extravagance.
While "Nicor" was built from the very best components and built to a very high standard, I would have felt bad leaving it to rust away in one of my bike-sheds or putting such a fine machine on e-bay to have vultures picking over it and I certainly did not want to profit from it.

So..."Nicor" departed for pastures new several weeks ago as I "gifted" it (as a full e-bike with all batteries chargers etc.) to a charity that helps people with disabilities to get into (or back into) cycling.

My only stipulation on the transfer of the trike was that it should not be sold for profit, but for it to be used to help people enjoy cycling or get back into cycling after injury.
I think that this is something that John would have been very pleased with as he was such a really generous and gentle soul. God rest him.
The charity has written back to me recently to say how delighted they are to receive such a magnanimous gift and that it will definitely not be sold but will be used to help disabled people enjoy cycling.

So that is a lovely ending to my ownership of "Nicor". But both the bike and John will always be fondly remembered by me.
Feb 3, 2017
Well done. It's so easy to let nice and valuable things rust in a shed because of sentimentality and indecision (I've been watching some 'American Pickers' recently). And then thinking of something nice to do with it as well is even better.