Hubs suitable for disc brakes on trike front wheels?

Jun 27, 2020
Tucson, Arizona, USA
What have you found that's affordable and available?

Looking for disc-brake hubs for thick axles for trike front wheels, I came upon Specialized p.series 36-hole front hubs, on clearance in many online shops (found through Google Shopping) for about $30 each. I ordered two. Dealer said shipment would be delayed. So meanwhile I asked Specialized, and the dealer, if they could get me measurements, so that I can order spokes. Dealer didn't have the hubs in hand (they ship directly from Specialized warehouse in Ohio) and told me, I quote:

"Specialized said its an OEM import and they do not have these dimensions."

I am less impressed with Specialized than before. (Also recently I a saw a fun 2013 documentary on Amazon Prime Video, "Klunkerz." Did any of you see it? It's about the early days of mountain bike development in and near Marin County, CA. It implied that Specialized's first mountain bike was pretty much a copy of Gary Fisher's. Never guessed they'd stoop to the level of not even knowing the dimensions of products on which they put their brand, though.)
Oct 19, 2012
Wakefield, UK
Last time I bought a pair of HB-RS470

I wanted the lightest I could get without resorting to mega expensive carbon units. They only come in 28 or 32 hole which is a bit short on spokes but I had a pair of lovely 32h rims I specifically wanted to use. 12mm axle which is about the minimum and centre lock disc mount. They were £12 each but the company I bought them from has no more so you'd have to search.

I've also used these:-
They were £20 each when I bought them, you may be able to bid him down from the current price. 20mm, 6 bolt disc and about the cheapest version of those 2 factors I could find. The rims I had were 36h fatties. That seller still has some left and posts worldwide. 20mm bolts are VERY heavy and add a lot to the overall weight. You could bulk up a 12 or 14mm bolt with a couple of bits of 20x12mm or 20x14 (od/id) tube to reduce that weight. The 20mm tube probably won't fit through like a 20mm bolt will as a 20mm bolt isn't the full 20mm so you'd need to skim the od a bit.

As some on here have done you can make your own and then you can use 48h rims for extra strength. Your chances of finding ready made 48h thru bolt and disc hubs is zero. Building them yourself will almost certainly mean heavier hubs though. Adding weight to such a project is the easiest thing in the world to do. Over-engineering is much easier than building to a minimum strength to do the job.
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