I was feeling guilty.

May 31, 2013
South Benfleet, Essex, England, UK
I have not ridden any of my trikes since the onset of dementia Winter. As a fully paid-up member of the "Soft Southern Jessies" fraternity I prefer my toes to be warm & dry when I am cycling.
I also have been spending more time on "other projects" like making a number of coffee-tables and chopping boards etc. etc.
My little "workspace" is very small and so I have to take one trike out and put it out in the weather in order to get at the workbench etc. etc.
The other trike (The Python) sits parked vertically up against the wall and as a result it gets covered in the dust and detritus from all the grinding, sawing etc. that goes on.
To be honest the Python was looking so dusty and dirty I was concerned that the paintwork was taking a beating. So, I took the trike out of the workshop and gave it a wipe-over with a clean rag to remove all the grinder dust etc. etc. that was thickly plastered all of the frame and the wheels.
It didn't come out badly at all, the dust (thankfully) was just that, dust; and no lasting harm has been done.

And here she is re-parked and waiting for a chance to go out and play.

Spring will be here soon, and as long as we are not locked down and restricted in what we are "allowed" to do, her turn will come.