Kyoto Cruiser for sale or donate - Seattle

Aug 22, 2021
Hey hey! I have a Kyoto cruiser gathering dust in my garage and I’d like to find it a new home. I built it in 2012 and rode it around at burning man and at a few events in seattle, but I haven’t ridden it in 6+ years and I’d like for somebody to get some use out of it — ideally somebody who wants to rehab it a bit and use it.

It is in rideable shape right now but I wouldn’t commit to going terribly far or terribly fast. The shifting could use a tuneup and the steering should be done gently. Each of these could be improved pretty easily by someone with the time & interest to tinker a bit. I would also consider reworking or eliminating the mechanism for adjusting the cockpit length on the non-steer side. Maybe I needed heavier steel on the clamp? I considered just welding it in one place. I’d be happy to talk through these details with an interested buyer/acquirer. Various tie-ons in the photo are cosmetic. I think used that tube to secure a chest cooler on the back.

I stuck pretty close to the plans. I custom drilled the flanges and built the rear wheels. The cannibalized bikes were mostly from the scrap heap at a friendly shop but I did buy some of the drive train components and disc breaks and a good bit of raw steel. I was in for about $800 in parts and supplies plus many hours of enjoyable labor.

Asking $500 or best offer. I’d also be happy to donate it if there is some kind of group that teaches kids about doing this kind of thing.

Photos coming soon.
Sep 17, 2022
Hello! I just joined this group after seeing your post. Is your trike still available? I downloaded plans for the Kyoto Cruiser in 2008 and still haven't gotten around to building it. (life gets in the way sometimes...) :)