Our Poultry Tractor

Jul 11, 2022
So, I somehow/somewhere stumbled upon AtomicZombie DIY plans for a chicken coop and knew I hit pay dirt. I needed a coop for 30 birds and did not have thousands to spend upon it. He even found several incumbent bike plans that made him go woweeey. Win-win. I asked, in English (we are both English speaking) IF he could make me that coop within a month. He said yes, yaw'll.

But then, here come the concessions (on MY part). Well, I am going to use PVC so that I can take this apart and put it back together when we move out onto the farm. (Mental eye rolling on my part). Fine (what else was I supposed to say, I can't build the thing). Plus, he said PVC would save some money. Ughhh (this is why I hate being poor). Not necessarily coveting the rich, but dang, a girl outta be able to have a chicken coop (or two) when necessary. Digressing . . .

So, here we are now, chicks are five weeks old and needed to be inside their coop two weeks ago. I just looked up some white coroplast on eBay and by golly . . . :oops:. Coroplast alone is
Plastic Corrugated Sheets, Black, 48" x 96", PCS4896B, Lot of 10
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Brand New
on one listing; and,

Plastic Corrugated Sheets, White, 48" x 96", PCS4896W, Lot of 10
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Brand New
on another!!!

Truth be told I probably would NOT have gotten chicks had I known this. I am a member over at BYC and all these people talking about building coops with repurposed this and that, donated this and that. Well, ain't nobody donating nothing here. There is no materials to be repurposed here, I had to buy from scratch. And daaang, I ain't got it like that.

So, I am thinking what's wrong with tarp? Even if only temporary? Wouldn't that keep my lil flock dry? I am in SE Georgia so it does not get overly cold here. I can then save up for some coroplast.

Hellp, any constructive comments welcomed. I mean, the chicks are here now, no going back and I have to house them.

Thanks in advance for any helpful commentary.
Oct 19, 2012
Wakefield, UK
I paid about 15 bucks equivalent a sheet for some a year ago in the uk so those prices can't be representative. Try painting and decorating or flooring stores as it's often used as a floor protector. Also try searching by "corrugated plastic" and also other trade names such as "correx" rather than coroplast.