Seat mounting ideas


Apr 19, 2019
In the process of gathering a few bikes for my trike build I was given Rans Stratus. It has definitely seen better days. Needs a lot of clean up and paint, tires, and a seat. My 14 year old son wants to bring it back to life. The original seat is very expensive to purchase... so looking to bend some conduit for the phifertex I just ordered to build a seat similar to the Barnett plans I found here. However, I need some ideas, pictures, something to figure out the best way to mount the seat to the frame of the bike.
May 31, 2013
South Benfleet, Essex, England, UK
I don't know what your frame is (picture?) but I have mine mounted in the same way as ICE do theirs I believe.

The 22mm seat cross-rail sits in a cradle and is held in place with cable clips as used to secure armoured cable to a wall, but instead of a screw/bolt I have 8mm Quick release clamps.
These stay wrapped around the cross-rail and when it is sitting in the cradle they are slid along the cross-rail and over the cradle and tightened.
The good thing about this approach is that the cross-rail can rotate in the cradle as the seat's recline angle is changed.

Excuse the rusty frame (still testing pre-paint), but here is what it looks like. Hope this helps.



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Feb 8, 2008
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I was given Rans Stratus.
Would love to see some pics of that!

My very 1st bent was a Rans Stratus, purchased brand new back in 1985!
Loved it, but eventually traded it to my brother. Lived to regret THAT decision.
It's long since gone to parts unknown, & sadly, I only have these 2 very poor
pics of it, but still have the purchase receipt, believe it or not!