street fox w/ issues

Apr 15, 2013
Washington state
I am selling this trike as I need the shop space plus I don't want to work on it anymore
It rides nice but could use a 48v battery instead of the 36v on it plus the rear wheel should be a 20 inch instead of the 26 inch.
This smaller wheel will level out the seat angle as well. Has front disc brakes that STOP really fast.
Another issue is the steering is tooo fast.
The yellow one in the pic is my daily ride that I am putting a new mid-drive on it (I have close to 500+ miles on the yellow trike.)
This trike (the unpainted one) was basically an experiment. Has front disc brakes, 3/4" axles, LCD display. Thinking of finishing a set of 3/4 inch (20mm axle hubs an disc brake mounting ) anfd installing on my daily ride.