TEN YEARS in the making!!! Presenting the M-1.5!!!


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Feb 8, 2008
My cozy little nook in the corner!
Actually I'm having flashbacks from the 'DIY shower', and non-functioning 'water heater' days.
Can't believe you actually remember all that! I know I sure do. Some fondly, & some not so much.

In all actuality, the water bottle on this thing was never intended to be something I could actually reach while riding. Just a way
of having a bottle with me, so when serious thirst arises, I'll just have to stop, stand up, grab a sip, & then resume my ride!

Incidentally, first casualty of riding this pavement scraper.... my phone case. It clips to my belt loop, & unbeknownst to me,
it was dragging the pavement! :eek: Even though I discovered it after only about half a mile, it had already road-rashed a hole
in the corner. Luckily I caught it before it reached the phone itself.

Think I saw an ant duck it's head for clearance as I approached...