(Trike for) Velomobile.... from scratch.

Feb 5, 2008
Elma, WA
On automobiles, extreme lean in corners is handled with sway bars- long steel bars that connect to the suspension at a pivot point very close to the wheels- either on a lower control arm or on a solid axle. The idea is that the suspension's independence is limited. The left control arm is limited from moving upward unless the right control arm is also moving upward. That way you get shock absorption, but in turns, it limits lean. It would seem to me that on a trike with suspension, this would be very desirable. Yes, it would add some weight, but the driveability would seem like it would go way up. Perhaps somebody who's tried a sway bar on a fully suspended trike could chime in.

This video (as sales oriented as it is) is quite good:
Aug 12, 2020
Hi all. I'm new to the site and I'd like to add an idea to this thread. Has anyone considered a set up like a reversed full suspension 3 wheeler ATV? While it wouldn't be state of the art it would be something a hobbiest could fabricate I would think. Have the front suspension of a rear swingarm design (Like a motorcycle or ATV) would eliminate the need for a sway bar and you could have front or rear steer. The design that popshot? put up with sprung spindle bolt was used by the snowmobile industry in the 70's and though limited in travel it did work better than nothing.