Ucan2 variant- Who needs a physical therapist?!

Jan 19, 2014
Yakima, WA
Diagnosed with some degenerative changes in my left shoulder A-C joint and referred to a local physical therapy clinic for 6 sessions. Not sure it did much good, really, but probably increased my range-of-motion a bit. The condition is not surprising, given a 56-year history of competitive tennis playing.
Anyrate, I got the notion of continuing the exercise & conditioning on my own terms, so I ransacked the parts bins and repurposed my mother-in-law's old ski glider exercise gizmo for the framework. Now, design is 90% of the battle, and I did construct a Ucan2 trike a few years ago, so I had a pretty fair idea what this fiasco would entail. And I figured any chance to practice my welding skills was a grand idea. The 1st test ride made it apparent my upper body strength required fairly low gearing, so it has a 24t main sprocket & an 18t wheel sprocket, representing 1:1.33 gear ratio. About 2-3% grade is an adequate challenge, at present.
16" tires & BMX foot pegs. The idler pulley & tension arm are adjustable, as there is not much separation between the two, and it assisted with the chain alignment.
So, for your viewing pleasure, the photos are in the DIY Gallery, under this title.