Warrior Trike for sale

May 7, 2016
Central Pennsylvania
3 years ago I bought plans for the Warrior trike and went like head bonkers and got it good enough to ride last summer. I originally planned this build for my granddaughter to ride but she no longer visits us. This is approx. 85-90% done. A few things I'm not content with are the seat, it needs some more refinement, its not very comfortable. I believe maybe too much lumbar bend in the frame. The other is the brakes need more work, they slow you down but nowhere near enough. I would not attempt a very big hill until I changed the brake setup. I'm tired of walking around it in the garage. I have around $600 in parts. There is light surface rust on the frame but not bad. Would anybody be interested in finishing the build as their own? I'm located in central PA. May be willing to meet part way if anyone is interested. Make me an offer. I'd love to post a few pics but cant figure out how. They significantly changed the forum since I was last here.