Warrior Trike Front Wheels

Nov 22, 2021
Southampton, UK
I'm new to the forum and am really excited to be starting my first project - the Warrior Trike. I've already started looking for cheap old mountain bikes to start gathering the parts I need.
The bit I don't get in the instructions is the front wheels - Are they made from all new parts, hubs and rims? I was hoping to use some old BMX 20" wheels.

Does anyone have any specific links to the "20mm hollow axle hub" parts it mentions, as I'm really not sure what I'm looking for.
Sep 17, 2020
I bought new hubs and rims on Ebay and took them to the local bike shop to lace up.
Feb 7, 2008
Nottinghamshire England
It is not obvious where you live ?

If using BMX wheels you need 14mm axles , IMHO 20mm is not needed and overkill [ unless you find a good deal somewhere ]

The hard bit is finding BMX wheels that have disc brakes !

Oct 19, 2012
Wakefield, UK
True. Almost all 14mm axled 20" wheels will not have a disc mount. Three options:-
Use 14mm axled BMX wheels and bodge the disc mount by getting wheels with a thread for screw on disc adapter. You need to bolt the disc adapter through the hub as the left wheel will simply unscrew the adapter on braking. I also epoxied the adapter on as well as bolting it. You'll need wheels with enough hub flange to allow you to do this.

The 2nd option is to do it properly and build your own wheels. As Paul says 20mm is overkill and only needed if being exceptionally aggressive off-road. Sturmey do a single sided hub with a 12mm axle and that is the size hub I'd look for. These would be fine and use a centrelock disc.
There are other similar ones with 36 spokes but they get a lot more expensive as they also move up the quality scale.
If you insist on 20mm then:-
and these use a conventional disc mount. Be aware 20mm bolts cost a lot more than 12mm and weigh a LOT more too.

You could also look for a 15mm thru axle hub and get a 15mm to 12mm sleeve to enable you to use a 12mm bolt. 15mm bolts don't exist or if they do are rocking horse poo. The 15mm alloy "bolt" that normally goes in them is only going to work if held at both ends and that isn't going to work for single sided mounting.

The 3rd option is to use sturmey single sided hubs with built in drum brakes. Nice but very expensive.

Do make sure that if you make your own wheels you buy rims with the same number of holes as the hubs. There are spoke length calculators on the net to enable you to buy the right size and lacing wheels is a doddle. It looks complex but it's not.

Do NOT use 3/8 axles which form the majority of cheap BMX wheels. They won't take single sided mounting.
Jan 16, 2011
Vilvoorde / Flanders / Belgium
To give an indication of cost for new wheels.

Azub sells the SA 90mm braked wheels for €118, and 6 bolt patern disk brake wheels for €170 each. (these have a 15mm shaft)

(Sturmey Archer 90mm brake hubs go for €60 each)