Welcome to AZ-2019... New Plans and Tutorials On The Way!

Radical Brad

Garage Hacker!
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Mar 13, 1999
Kakabeka Falls, Ontario, Canada

As many of you know, I have been on the sidelines for almost 5 years, too busy with my day job and new homesteading lifestyle to build much of anything new. I have been enjoying all of the amazing contributions to this great DIY community though, staying inspired by the works in progress, finished projects, and general great ideas!

It is now 2019, and the new AZ site and forum are finally online after a year of hacking away in my limited spare time. With my nerd duties out of the way, I intend to get back to creating new plans and tutorials for this site as soon as the 4 feet of snow melts out here in the great White North!

To change thing up a bit, this year will be dedicated to Health and Fitness DIY projects such as workout machines, gym equipment, and anything to do with getting in shape. I will probably throw a few farm implements in there as well, since that is our new lifestyle out here on our secluded Northern Ontario Homestead. In true AZ fashion, all DIY fitness machine plans will be easy to build using minimal tools and components, while at the same time yielding a high quality finished product.

I would like to personally thank everyone who has contributed to this amazing and creative community, and all those who have helped to fund hosting and site design through purchase of our DIY plans.

I am looking forward to digging my welder out of the back 40, and getting some sparks flying again!

Radical Brad
Apr 3, 2023
Not at all certain where to put something such as this, but quite certain I want to thank you, Brad. Today is Mon 17 Apr 23. I found your e-mail computer acknowledgement in a search for something else. It immediately allowed site re-entry. Later