what jobs are we getting done due to lockdown - no necessarily bike related

Radical Brad

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Mar 13, 1999
Kakabeka Falls, Ontario, Canada
Managed to frame out my new "Nerd Cave" this weekend.
Put a woodstove in a 16 x 25 foot section of the basement not used and started building shelves.
I am an absolute neat freak, so everything in totes, and on shelves...


Thanks to the Yard Mule, collecting wood is so easy that we now heat 100% with it.
No more propane as a backup. Glued some bricks and made a simple base...


My workbench is 4 feet wide and 12 feet long, also with abundant shelving.
3/4" plywood frame and plan to so oak trim and arborite sometime later to make it look nice.
Drop ceiling is 9 feet tall, and the room has two large windows (4 foot by 3 foot), so it's nice and bright.


Will be doing rubber floor that looks like hardwood. Did that in another room, and it's great stuff.
My helper testing the network drops...


Nice to get organized as we edge closer to the impending full lockdown.
I will be living in the hospitals doing IT work though, so getting this done was timely.